ELITE FORCE II πŸ’€ have fun and kick butt

Grow β€’ Learn β€’ Battle β€’ Fun β€’ Friendly

open spots :skull: join now :skull: ELITE FORCE II

Family Alliance - EF (top 100) - EF2 - EF3 - EF4 - EF5


Join up before the next war! Spots open.

Love the art you use there. Those were some dark years for Colen

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Step up your game. 12-13* titans. No spend required. 25/30 Bring your friends.

Elite Force II is a great family alliance. I’ve never been specifically to EF2, but I was in EF1 for a couple months and it’s a great group.
Anyone looking for a competitive but supportive atmosphere give it a whirl.
I highly encourage it.

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