ELITE FORCE 💀 I • II • III • IV • V - feel the force - EF3 Needs People - mid level

Gilgamesh took some heavy damage. Come join us! Our top 100 alliance did a fantastic job and placed in the …welll…top 100 :rofl:

Our EF 2 alliance did great as well with only 26/30 members! Come help us get to the top 100 - - IF YOU KILL TITANS - Jump in and fill a spot!

Hey come join up after the war. We need your help!

Lvl 72, 4.5K + Def, low diamond range cups 2450-2550, been in same alliance 2 plus yrs, 7/8 star Titan avg dam range 30-50K.

Looking for a challenge, more War coordination and strategy every atk team over 4K

Thinking EF3 would be good fit

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Hey Wolfjack! You might even fit EF2. Are you on line app? Cup range is good and your defense level fits at 4500. Go big! If it ends up being too much you can always hit EF3 but we are more coordinated with war and your titan damage will improve. Sometime hitting a stronger titan can bring out the best.

Yeah I’m on line with Wolfjack6, my worry on Titans is only having Wu and no 5 star big boosters. Be happy to give EF2 a try.

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Cool sent you a line message…hopefully found you :sweat_smile:

Big warm welcome to our all our newest members!

Strong teamwork. Laidback. Get on the waiting list today if your thinking of moving up with your game or changing alliances.

Crushed this titan! Come join the fun today

EF3 is looking for a small merger - alliance of 10

Couple Solid War Wins! Gratz EF1!

Top 100 ELITE FORCE has spots open. They will go fast so come join and help us stay at the top!

REQUIREMENTS: 30x5*s maxed - lvl 23 troops - purple tanks - 125k min titan dmg

ELITE FORCE III - Needs people!! Mid-Level Alliance

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