ELITE FORCE πŸ’€ I β€’ II β€’ III β€’ IV β€’ V - EF1 Now Filled Up - (jump in EF2 for waiting list)

Couple screen shots of our alliance Cup run today. Come join the fun!

Sorry, I wish I had seen this earlier. I’m afraid I already join another Alliance. If it doesn’t work out may I contact you then?
I’m sure with your ranking you won’t have much problem filling your spots. Happy hunting !

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Mythic Titans: strong titan hitting alliance. Come join the fun and give us a hand.

So this just happened! Congrats to Flagg from EF1

Come kill some titans with us!!

We Need More Teammates - Are you:

  • Serious Game Player?
  • Tired of alliances that leave war flags on the field?
  • Looking to grow?
  • Looking for experienced players?
  • Tired of people not hitting the titan?

L@@k no further! We are your new alliance. Reach out to me on Line App: kungfudiscoelf

EF2 welcomes our latest 2 members!

We still have 2 spaces available but will fill up, so join us soon.

Two (2) more spot in EF2! Going fast!!! Jump in before the next war. Serious laidback players. War flags used. Titans hit and killed!

L :eyes:king for a new alliance? Check us out for a war or two.

How are your alliances mythic titan results? Want to do better?

EF1 top 100 prizes

EF2 top 1000 prizes and that is with TWO PEOPLE SHORT!! only 28/30 at the time. Join us and help us move up!!!

Titans go down fast! Be a part of the Force. Join our crew.

We are looking for strong players to join our alliance group. Elite Force is still recruiting. All levels of play from Beginner to Top 100!

Hit me up on Line for fastest response: kungfudiscoelf

Join Now. Stronger Together.

Big congratulations to Jasqua Strange for placing top 100 in the tournament.

Just a few screen captures from our monthly alliance cup run! Join up and experience the fun next month.

Big shout out to Dexter from EF2 for almost killing the titan with a single flag! :laughing:

Come join us and kill some 14*

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Yep we’re still here and always looking for talent. Come and check us out!

Say hi to Slick (assuming he is still in ef) from Terry. I haven’t seen him in ar for awhile, used to chat with him fairly refularly.

Will Do!

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