Elite Empires recruiting- come on through

No drama alliance. Everyone is willing to help. All active. We are sitting at 22 members. We want more! Green tanks for war. Maybe 5-6 tellurias, a couple kadilens, alot of kashreks. Team Power 3500-4500. We take care of 8 star titans and struggle vs 9 stars because of our numbers. Ask me anything or come on by. You will be very welcomed.

Elite Empires
Our leader is Aero

War strategy is basically hit the low teams until the 2nd half then go for it. We are all adults and have real life going on. So it doesnt always workout like that. As long as you use all flags everyones happy.

Great group. Everyone is friendly. We are pretty tight as a group. Come be a part of it.

We are looking for kind active players. We have members from all over the world. Come check it out

We are up to 24 members. Ask any questions.

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