Eliminate simultaneous attacks

With the current system it is even counterproductive to win a considerable amount of trophies. I usually move in the range of 2550-2650 trophies, unless … Have a good streak of assaults and exceed 2750. I’m fine with being attacked and taken down. What I think is unfair is that 3 people attack me and at 3 I simultaneously offer them 45 trophies, and I say 3 for saying a number, they tend to be more. The problem here is that my worst trophies always come after my elders, and it’s only because of the number of people who attack me at the same time. A team that is being attacked should not be available in the pool, once the attack ends should return with its new trophy number, changing the offer

Here is a clear example that just happened to me an alliance partner, is seen in the attack times that were happening at the same time

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