Eliminate Rare Titan Loot Reduction

Yesterday, after our war victory, I went to see some old friends in an alliance I had been in. Before I left, I used all my titan hits in my current alliance, was gone for about 5 minutes and returned to become a co-leader of my current alliance again. More than 12 hours later, I led my alliance with an A+ rating on the 10* titan, putting the last 3 required harpoons in it to get a 14/14. I got credit for it towards my titan chest as the allowable time had lapsed, but I got reduced loot Why?
If you’re going to create a timer that requires time pass before the Titan kill is credited to a player, then the kill should count entirely.
I make a motion that a Titan kill that counts towards mission chests (12 hours after return) be given full loot without reduction, as well.

From what I’ve heard there is a 20hr period after you leave an alliance that will cause you to have reduced loot. At least I think that’s how it works. Not 100% sure

I understand that. But it doesn’t make sense to have it not match the titan mission chest.

I am afraid that the reduced titan loot was implemented specifically to address abuses such as alliances creating fake alliances just to farm on multiple titans per day etc. Loosen on that policy and in no time the game is filled with ‘creative strategies’ that allow people to get unfair advantage by unintended behavior.

I remember a year ago when I left our ‘2nd tier’ alliance and joined the main, I managed to get A+ on my first 14 star titan on that day, I was superexcited and then… reduced loot penalty :laughing: It was slap in a face, but what can you do.

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