Eliminate Full mana revive, have a penalty for when a hero is resurrected

I honestly can’t understand the logic in heros recieving full mana when being revived. There should be, like most games, a penalty for dying. It seems quite unfair that a revived hero can respawn and use their special immediately if their mana bar was full upon death. It would make more sense giving revives something like 25% health than having a mother north, for example, revive 3 heros which all use their special immediately upon resurrection. Im sorry, but i believe there should be a penalty for a hero dying and a revive in itself is a huge benefit even at 1 hp since it still can be healed or perform a normal attack.

Rule is the same for everyone, so why make it a problem?


It’s the same as if your whole team is killed and you “continue “ in story mode or event challenges (don’t continue with these… it will cost you too many points lol). They all revive with the same mana. You won’t complain if it happens in your favor:)

@Laciloulou pve and pvp rules should always be seperated. I was a big Destiny fan for sometime but that’s the issue that killed the game for many fans. Proper balancing of a game requires a different ruleset for each mode.

Oh yeah. And you pay for that priviledge to continue…

@Wad I’m not seeing your logic. So if SG was to create a hero that was insanely OP you would be ok with that since everyone had an opportunity to get the hero even if they weren’t lucky enough to pull that hero? Im not saying it’s that extreme but it still seems to me like an unfair advantage.

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Yes, you do pay to “continue” if you choose , but I have had bold tusk save the battle with his revive. He had full mana when killed, revived with 1HP, fired, healed everyone, and gave the attack boost for the win. Awesome :star_struck:

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@Laciloulou lol. Let me tell you what my alliance buddy just said when i told him about this post. He has mother north in his main team. “I fully agree with you but i hope they don’t change it for my sake.” Yeah it’s great when it helps you but you need to ask yourself if the mechanic is fair. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though. :smile:

I’m totally jealous that he has mother north! Lol!! Tried so hard for her! Lol:laughing:

:laughing:that was supposed to be an emoji! Lol! Happy gaming!!

@Laciloulou he paid for it trust me. Lol

We all did, believe me…I have two of her and did indeed pay a pretty penny to aquire all the Xmas heros

Rule has worked for over a year.

Resurrected heros are already at a disadvantage since fhey come back with little health. Full mana is just a small perk and i rarely lose to resurrected heros or teams. Personally i see no reason to change it.


@darkswarm27, I’m not seeing your logic. You can have heroes that revive too. Nothing insane about it.

You already have that in Guin, totally OP!

I agree that heroes shouldn’t be resurrected with 100% mana, but this will not change as this game is moving more and more to a crazy level of pay 2 win and people are willing to line SG/Zynga’s pockets with thousands of dollars each month (my team mate spent $500 just on the Alice event). If we however could buy the exact heroes we want and not be subjects to a lottery with worse odds than in Vegas… Then I wouldn’t complain.

I disagree. I think it’s fine.

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I don’t say yes or no concerning mana after resurected but I want to bring up, that I think the opponent got penealties as heroes killed twice in raids just count as one.
Many times I killed resurrected heroes several times and won but got only 5 added to my raid chest.

Even worse if you lose the raid.
I killed 3 heroes, mother North revived them and Guin immediately shielded herself up. No chance of recovery after that and of course it didn’t count towards my raid chest.
Getting more than 5 through revival could be abused by the attacker, but not even counting them once is really frustrating.

I don’t feel reviving is imbalanced.

  1. There are only two heroes that can do it (both of the same colour) and a class perk with self-effect only, small percentage and 1 hp
  2. The heroes said above are weak at anything else, slow mana and there are heroes specifically implemented just to counter them

Yes, there are situations where a lucky revival can turn around the raid. But so is the thing with a lot of other things. 100hp Guardian Owl at 2.60 won me a war fight against 4 heroes of opponent with 600 higher Team Power when everyone else in my squad was already dead. Doesn’t mean the Owl needs to be nerfed.

It’s a mechanic as everything else. It needs to be balanced (doesn’t mean it isn’t balanced now), but I don’t think it needs to be hammernerfed now to achieve that.

Kill tank
Kill resurrect hero

Then you dont have to worry about resurrection


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