Elephant in the room

Are we going to address the fact Telluria still saps every ounce of fun in the game, and remains still too overpowered?

Tiresome, really tiresome. I’ve spent more than I care to share, it needs addressing and its just not enjoyable to try and compete.


No we’re not…let it die.


Oh wow, finally someone who mentioned, must be the first thread of this kind…


Well get real, the changes weren’t effective were they

Well, this has been discussed over and over again, pretty sure the mods will help you to find the master thread.

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That elephant hasn’t appeared in my room (alliance).

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They just chopped its tusks. Do you want it to become a mouse?


First, let me say that I feel your pain. It isn’t any fun to face the same lineup over and over. I totally agree. I would point out that it’s not just Telluria, but the combination of Gravemaker, Telluria, and Vela appear a lot, and they’re a tough combo to defeat.

That said, if you scan the thread, there is a clamor about the fact that Telluria was “over-nerfed.” Both propositions cannot be true simultaneously – obviously – though it’s possible that the latter camp (“over-nerfed”) consists entirely of people with Telluria as a tank.

But, can we agree that it is an exaggeration to say that this one hero has single-handedly made the game un-fun? Yes, when raiding, seeing the GM T V trio is a downer, but that is just one element of the game. Maybe it’s your favorite part and therefore disproportionately affects your enjoyment of the game. But, on the other hand, the last two tourneys (one of my favorite parts of the game) have excluded Telluria (and Gravemaker and Vela!). In the last several wars, we have faced every coordinated tank except green (maybe we’re just lucky).

Finally, there are folks out there with strategies to beat Telluria – I saw a really detailed video by uclapack that goes way beyond mere color stacking. Her approach is a mixture of speed and specials that is very interesting. I don’t have some of the heroes on her roster, but it’s made me re-think how I take on the GTV trio. As such, I could argue that Telluria has made me learn something and, ergo, enhanced my enjoyment.

Can you find a similar silver lining?


She’s been nerfed enough everyone seems happier now and she’s certainly beatable I’ve killed my fair share… Enough is enough for complaining let’s mice in and just play the game


Telluria got a decent nerf in my opinion. One that left her in a position to be a good competitive tank in a defence role.
However, she is not as good in offence.
Let her be would be my opinion


There are other threads discussing this. Please use the search function and keep discussion within one of those threads. Thank you.


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