Elena was a ghost — Fighter Revive bug master thread

You have to move tiles to end your turn. Then he gets revived. You just killed him with Magni as it looks like and your turn is still going

It’s indeed a bug. It happened the same with Helena. I killer her and she revived and stayed as a ghost for 3 turns or so. When I hit her with a special it did say ghost like when you hit ameona on ghost form.


Hey, both Elena and Oberon show health 0, if the battle continues after that, I can go on for ages as they both seemed to pop up back after shooting at them down

It become a ghost, I cant’ hit him, then few more turns he appear and die without being hit (22 damage appears in the screen right after he stop being a ghost even when I did not do something)

There were some potential oddities with this during the last Trial that had fighters in it too:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic — these 4 threads seem to have similar oddities related to a reviving Fighter behaving unexpectedly)

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Merged these 4 into a master thread.

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Also encountered a strange behavior of Elena today.

I killed her (with tiles), she revived with 1 HP after the turn.
I killed her again (with tiles), she revived with 1 HP after the turn.
I killed her again (with tiles), she revived with 1 HP after the turn and died instantly, level completed.

Maybe it helps on your search for the error.

It’s a talent skill, it’s not a bug.

But they are not supposed to stay ghosted for multiple turns, which is what these people claim.

@ Celtibero:
Sure it is a skill, but dying immediately after being revived without any damage applied to her ist not how it is supposed to be.

Not to say I didn’t like it in the quest, because it helped me win…

From what I’ve seen Elena has burning effect on her. So when she’s revived the burning is still there and as she has only 1 hp left she dies from the burning.

I had the same with my Proteus. Killed Elena when poisoned by Proteus and she revived next turn but died from the poison.

This is not a bug as a hero is Revived with all buffs, debuffs and DoT that were active in the moment of death.

Not sure how it is possible to survive multiple turns after the Revive skill triggered as some people are reporting but it a different story.

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Proteus Kash and Colen did the Job. Boldie kept em alive and Hu Tao cleaned the mobs. At the bosses he died.

Also punished Valen, Oberon and Elena with 5 axes and 3 bombs. She revived once, but suddenly I won, even before she was right back.

Third stage was hard, but I did it on the first try. First two stages were lullabies.

It’s not a bug but just a bad luck. Hero with a DoT applied dies but his talent revives them the next turn, the hero dies again from the DoT but gets revived AGAIN bc of the talent. This can go for some time and it’s frustrating but it’s not a bug. Plus, I think that the Trials bosses are “buffed” and the chance of their Talents working are increased so it’s harder to beat the stages.

It’s basically the same as with Wu Kong and his miss chance, sometimes you can miss multiple times in a row due to bad luck.

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Looking at Boolz video… seems like the behaviour is wrong. I would’ve expected Oberon to have revived instantly after killed once it was his turn again. Not stay in “ghost” and then revive the next turn after your second attack.

The reason why I think this is incorrect behavior on the games part is because, in the attacker’s case (i.e. if you have a hero with the revive talent and attack with him/her), your hero will revive once the defender’s turn is done. They won’t stay as a ghost once it’s your turn again… like the defender sometimes does. This leads me to believe that the bug is a logic hole with how it checks defender special skills.

EDIT; after some more thinking… talent description does say it is applied at the end of their turn… so i’m not sure if it is actually intended or not.

The GUI could use some work ( see Notes )

Do not fire special skills at revive ghosts. As long as they are a revive ghost, your turn is not over and they are not actually there. You need to match on the board to end your turn. You are just wasting mana on a hero that is not there.

@Petri, perhaps the programmers could add a gravestone graphic to designate heroes that will revive once you complete a match, but are immune to special skills because they are already dead.



Maybe done to balance the talent.

Seems to me if the hero would revive and be able to do his thing slash/special on defenders first turn after being killed would be more powerful. Having to wait a turn gives you a go at any other heros and/or time to fill up some mana before revived hero can do anything.

Will be interesting to see if my revived heros also have to wait a turn.

I can’t believe the revive talent description has no mention of the ghost form for a turn.

Oberon just revived 3 times in a row.

Even though I had 2x Grimm and Hu Tao charged up, I did not waste a special.

Sequence of events

Oberon physical attack in 3 turns
Killed Oberon with a massive combo

Revive symbol flashed
Oberon revived
Boss null turn - physical attack in 2 turns
I killed him with Hu Tao

Revive symbol flashed
Made a match ( finishing my turn even though I had two fully charged Grimms )
Oberon revived
Boss null turn - physical attack in 1 turn
I killed him with Little John

Revive symbol flashed
Made a match ( finishing my turn even though I still had not used either Grimm )
Oberon revived
Boss used physical attack against Little John, next physical attack in 3 turns
I killed him with papa Grimm

No revive symbol - stayed dead.

My personal opinion

Petri, I strongly recommend adding a grave marker icon to dead heroes reviving at the end of turn.

Users are trained to track status icons and it will make screen shots more easy to interpret for sorting the mistaken bugs from the actual bugs.

With no icon, only a screen casting allowed me to figure out what the Flying Spaghetti Monster was going on.

GUI change might help, but there’s still a bug to be fixed. I poison Oberon and kill him with tiles. He revives. I throw tiles on other side of board. He revives. Says he has 0 hit points being poisoned and has revive. Throw tiles away from him. Same thing. Throw tiles at him. Get message about ghost mode. Apparently it was only when the poison wore off that he left ghost mode so I could kill him. It looks like a bug in the order of applying effects,

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