Elena was a ghost — Fighter Revive bug master thread

Hello I am not sure if it is bug or intention but I did not find information about her ability be a ghost like Ameonna. After I beat her in talent event she revived with 1hp but she could not be hitted with tiles or special skill for several rounds. After several round she was back and I could finish her.

She will revive when your turn end.

While she is a ghost that will come from the other side back.

Oberon do that to me 6 times :rofl:


Oberon did the same thing but was only a ghost for one turn—and he was able to use his special on me while ghosted. The revive talent didn’t say anything about this and it’s very frustrating.

I used Azlar burn Oberon. The burn effect killed him at the start of each round for three rounds until he didn’t revive himself again. Bit anoying, but nice to know that my fighters will be able to do the same once i level their talent.


I’ve had two possible glitches with revives.
The one above was revived from the talent grid, I tried to hit them twice nothing happened, the third attempt to hit them the word ghost appeared they became solid and then died without being hit.
Is this right for the talent grid path?

Second time was in the previous aw, alby was on next to no health hit him three times (pretty sure enough to finish him) he didn’t die and revived three Hero’s and only the health bars appeared.

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Not sure if this helps. One thing to point out is the talent doesn’t kick in until after your turn is over. For example, if you kill him and set off a full cascade, none of those hits will count. You have to hit him next turn.


No I hit him on three separate turns, one of them was joons special.

I’d love to see a video of this glitch. Does anyone have one?

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Didn’t take one sorry just the pic

My alliance has noticed that heroes that have revive unlocked always revive if they’re killed by a special, but will actually stay dead if killed by tiles. When I have some raid flags I’m going to try getting a video of it so I can report the bug.

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Well that is interesting. I did encounter a lot of reviving colens when I was raiding yesterday, a lot more than I expected.

Please video it next time and start a thread. I don’t come across many heroes with revive unlocked.

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If the video is of a matching glitch, please do not make a duplicate thread; post it here, so the conversation continues unbroken. :slight_smile:

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Wish I had video…

Oppennent: lianna, bold, elkin

Me: Merlin, khiona, other heroes

I hit lianna with mindless attack cause shes full and bold with bleeding edge. Bold dies but is revived bc of his tallent grid. But is a ghost form. Then mindless attack goes off hes the target and then reappears.

Either he shouldn’t be a target bc the effect doesnt happen till end of turn or he should die again. He shouldn’t be able to dodge the hit while hes dead

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It sounds like the bug is that he shouldn’t be the target (although maybe that’s what the devs intended?). Revive is supposed to be the last thing that happens in a turn. He isn’t revived until he’s solid again. So to my mind, he also shouldn’t be a target yet for effects like mindless attack.

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This sounds a bit like Ameonna being an AI target while in ghost mode.

But I agree that it would be more logical for a not-yet-revived Fighter to not be a target until revived.


Bug oberon… Ghost?? 20 characters Screenshot_20190206-082418

Not a bug. His Talent gives him chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack.

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I know the Talent … Reborn at the end of the round with 1 hp, but he remained 3 blinds invisible

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