Elena surviving with 0 hit points

What’s up here. She has a zero for health yet she lasts another 8 turns in ghost form. Popping in and it of ghost form and reviving after every dot hit her. I finally killed her but that is not normal

It is normal, because it’s her talent… i’ve seen fighters revive up to 12 times in a row…

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You have seen heros revive with 0 hit points over and over again?

She’s burned, so she probably revives -> takes damage from burn -> triggers revive again.

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Yes, they revive with 1 hp, but they became a “shadow” until the end of turn with 0 hp if talent activate after the ailment kill her, and revive in the next turn with 1 hp.
if she was 8 turns in ghost mode and never revived then there might be a bug, but as you described it doesn’t sound like a bug.

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I realize a fighter can revive. But here she has 0 hit points for 8 turns. Pops in and out of ghost form every time the dot hit her. 0 hit points they are dead not in ghost form.

The zero was there 8 turns. Didn’t change until she popped back with 1 hit point and Coleen killed her. How is that normal?

Because when ailment triggers she has 1 hp, unless you click on her in that fraction of second between she revive and get killed by adot, she will apprear in ghost form with 0 hp…


But that does not explain how to kill a hero with zero hit points in ghost form.

you can’t… you’ll have to wait for the next turn…

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For 8 turns with a 0. Then maybe Elenda needs a Nerf so she dies when she hits zero for so many turns. I would not have posted if there was a 1. But a 0 means they are dead. Again 8 turns with a zero. That pic was the last one. 2 turns later she popped back with 1 hit point and Coleen killed her.

It’s just the way it works, the total hp displayed is for the end of the turn and is ahead of the animation. You can see this at any time. Start a move and then hold an enemy and it will show what the hp will be at the end of the turn, even if there are multiple cascades, the hp total is instantly updated, even if the move animation goes on for several seconds.


Totally off topic, I applaud your patience :hugs::wink:.

As the others have said, this is not a bug @sirfightsalot1. One reason why the fighter class is so great, their chance to revive.

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yes, 0 means they are dead…
And revive means they come back from dead…

Not the same, but to make the point, Alberich and Mother North can revive other heroes… from the dead… no? This one is heroes own talent… that’s it. Its by design… Invest emblems in appropriate talents for your heroes, and they might do the same (there is chance factor)

Excately. That pic was the end of the turn. I did not make another match. I sent three up no change in hit points no death. So I snapped a pic at the end of the turn. I have had them revive several times but always with 1 hit point never in ghost mode with 0 hit points at end of a turn. But ok.

Please Just delete it

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