Elena reviving without mindless attack

In the past, when I’ve hit fighter class heroes with Zocc’s special, the mindless attack remains in place when they revive.

I just ran a raid against a team with an Elena tank. I sniped her with Zocc, she died, revived, came back without the mindless attack ailment, and fired her SS normally.

I tanked the raid so I could try again to be sure, and she did the same thing on the next round.

Has something changed in the mechanic?

I don’t know if the mechanic has changed, but I feel certain it’s been this way for a long time. I’ve never seen a fighter revive without an effective cleanse. I say this as someone who has been raiding exclusively for over a year with a team that includes GPanther and Killhare.

That hasn’t been my experience; I usually target the fighter class with Zocc specifically because they keep the ailment when they revive.


Actually, on further consideration, I have to partially retract that.

Because I’ve watched many a BoldTusk repeatedly burn and revive.

Now I’m immensely curious and have no way to really test this. Maybe i’ll see what my alliance mates have up for defenses.

I just ran another test, Zocc vs. Tyr. Same result. No mindless attack on revival.

However, as with Elena above - I should have included this - he revived with Almur’s EDD ailment intact.

Order of events. If damage is first in the special, the effect never happens. If you hit them and they survive, the effect will take, and subsequently stick when you kill them with a different hero and then they revive.

Not a bug.


They really change the mechanic to make it work as intent in the latest update. I notice the different in that day. Damage is before the ailment, so if they die from the damage and turn to ghost, they shouldn’t get the ailment.

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Thank you. This makes sense. I understand the order of operations concept, but this is not how it functioned previously.

To know this was a deliberate update is helpful and will change my strategy.

This is what i was thinking… Elena died before the ailment was placed.

Having said that… Mother north has revived people and the stack that killed them in the first place… Not brought back. But that is a different mechanic… I presume.

It is such a frustrating change in the latest update, I feel. It was already a “bet” deciding whether or not to target a hero that may revive, because you never know if it will or not. Now we are ending up “wasting” our debuff. But oh well, we press on. I liked it better before, though!

Is it really a change in the latest update? It seems like it’s been like that in a while. If I kill someone with Marjana (for example) and they revive, they revive without the ailment because it was never placed. I don’t really track but I find that if they die because of the DOT, they’ll maintain it upon revival.

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Oh? Maybe I was wrong then - I was positive I read it in the latest update! Might be mistaken though then :blush:

Maybe it was in the latest update and I never noticed. I guess it never really seemed to have been much of a factor that I paid it any attention.

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I am certain something changed recently, v.46 seems like the most logical thing to pin it to, but I can’t really attest to that.

My green stack is what I use for 90% of my raids, with Zocc included there, so I’ve fired her at dozens of fighters and they revive with mindless attack in place. Until now.

It makes absolute sense for the card to work the way it is currently working, but it is a change from how it was working until just recently.

Now tt should stay on the hero if the status effect was already on the hero.


Perfection, PlayForFun! Thank you.

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Heros dead, who been revived, should not revive with anything, but they revive full mana if thats the case.

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