Elena or Zim?

Who should I give the rings? Got both recently, I’m leaning more towards giving the rings to the kitty but I want to level Elena as well and I’m afraid she will not be usable at 3/70 due to her low defence. My currently maxed 5* are Richard, Misandra, Gravemaker, Joon and Sartana. As I understand, Zim is a good support hero for offence but who’s better for defence? Which is the better lineup: Joon, Zimkitty, Richard, Gravemaker, Sartana, or the same with Zim replaced by Elena?

Since I got Zim up* I use Elena only against titans and in late war teams. She simply dies too often before firing her special. Besides that the cleansing special of Zim with fast speed is really nice.
*) started Replacing Elena (4.80) when Zim reached 4.30

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