Elena or Kelile

Hi all!
I got Kelile red 4* today.
I have also Elena at 2/60 waiting for ascend (already have 4/4 blades and 4/6 rings and 0 tonic).
What should I do? Go for Kelile 4/60 with the 4/4 hidden blades or go 3/60 Elena and wait for another 4 blades, 2 rings…

My setup:
Little John /skitskull

These are hard to judge without seeing your roster of heroes as well as what aspects of the game you focus on most.

I have edited with my setup

Kalile will be of more use to u now if she’s maxed over Elena at 2/60. Given your current roster. Work on Elena when you get all her mats…


You don’t need Tonic for Elena just Rings and Blades. Kelile at 4/70 will be better than Elena at 3/70 but not by a tonne. So, I personally would go for Elena as by the time you get her to 3/70 you might just get lucky and it will take you a long time anyways to get Kelile to 4/70.

Just my 2 cents worth.


I would go Elena because of your team comp, all your damage dealers are multi-target, start grimm first, LJ/Skittles and Elena then poof boss wave cleared before it even began. The added counter-attack will also help a lot for PvE.

Even if Elena is bottom tier 5* and Kelile is a very decent 4*.

Given your lineup I would go Kelile as it appears that you don’t have a fast mana ‘sniper’ and she’s a decent one.