Elena or Grazul to 4th level

To up 4th level, Elena or Grazul? Antecipated thanks

Grazul has more use in today’s debuff and DOT heavy landscape. Grazul can form the core of an anti tel team , either mono or as off color support. Whilst Elena has her use she will not be a major contributor to such a team.

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I vote Grazul. She’s a good one, especially when you can get a level 11 4* mana troop on her

Grazzy Graz Graz! I use her a lot!!

Yet another vote for Grazul

I have maxed Grazul, I’m thinking about maxing another for a second red war team.

I like Elena, but she is too slow and fragile to be truly a top hero. My Elena stays 3/70, I would love to level her for good ole times sake, but she is just not IT anymore.

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With no knowledge of your roster, and no real knowledge about what you need … so just based on paper … I would say -
Grazul for your war roster
Elena for Titan hits
Whichever hero you choose good luck

BTW, Grazul is a good hero, until the arrival in November of a similar very fast fire legendary that deals damage against all enemies, steal their healing and resists status ailments FOR 3 TURNS. 3 TURNS !!


And dont forget the best part she will be close to impossible to get.
Grazul will continue to be good

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I maxed Grazul over Elena. Shes very good indeed, though sometimes i simply prefer killing fast than prevent my team from being killed.

That said i wouldnt max Elena over Grazul. Its true that Elena is a monster in tile damage but you can achieve the same tile damage with Scarlett.
If you play agressively Elena could serve well to your gameplay. If you pair her with a high emblemed BT, a gravemaker or Jean Francois and other reds you can do very serious damage with only tiles.
The drawback of Elena is that shes so squishy and slow, so most the time she would be dead before se can even fire. Anyways depend on your roster and if you have any hero that could make elena survive longer to fire or pump her mana generation.

On titans, Elena will contribute with that huge tile damage, and in PVE you will have a true beast with that riposte.

Grazul on the other hand is more a tactical hero, an adaptable supporter that fit perfectly to this dot and aliment meta. She can be part of your red stack or an off color hero. Shes sturdy enough to show in the battle even without emblems.
As an user of grazul i would thank more tile damage. Though you can always emblem her to strength her stats.
I dont have yet, but if you have a red mana troop you can make Grazul to charge faster. If im not wrong you can charge her in only 6 tiles. Thats huge!


No contest.



I wish I have two of them, but I hope I can get similiar skill on the next Heloween (Vanda).
+1 for Grazul.

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I have Elena and only use her on Stack Reds cause I have too since I don’t have many. I’d replace her in a second with Grazul if I had the chance.

Thanks a lot everyone! So, Grazul will be

Grazul is one of the most useful hero in today’s Telluria landscape. I have two of her maxed and haven’t regretted a day by doing so.

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I already have Elena maxed and she is on my mono red AOE team. I just gor Grazul from ToL and will max her for my fast red sniper team.

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