Elena has ATK 809. against attack

How calculations work for counter-attack heroes.

Boril - Cipriano - Elena

Hero attack status makes difference in counter attack ??? example Elena ATK 809 and attack 196% damage dealt. Does having a high AtK make a difference to your counter attack?

Sorry my english I’m trying to improve the question

Counterattack depends purely on damage done to a hero.

Say that “a hero will counterattack with 75% of the damage done”. If hero H has this special ability and gets hit by opponent O for 100 damage, O will receive .75*100 = 75 damage as a counterattack.

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^ Correcto.

It makes me wonder why people almost unanimously favour Boril over Cyprian, considering Borils ridiculous defence negates a lot of the damage he takes, which in turn harms his counter attack.


He lives longer and you can put two glass cannons on either side of him, so they either blow the other team apart or reflect damage to the team if they die off.

Or so I assume the logic goes. I personally don’t use reflective heroes except Elana who is used strictly for titans and wars.