Elena advice

Okay I just recently pulled her from a TC 20 yesterday and I am wondering on where to put her in a raid defense. Considering she is a riposte hero with an attack all and she is slow with one of the best talents in the game, (and yes I freaking want her costume) what would be the best position for her and what would be the best and most beneficial path for her on the emblem side of things? I know her costume is a rogue so I am taking that into account too.

In my honest opinion, she is best in Tank or right flank position. She is not for the wing.
Good luck


Either flank or tank.

For Rogue attack route (if you get her costume), go as follows with the Fighter tree: left, right, left, right, left, left, left.

The above path will be more defensive when it comes to Fighter class.


I’d go with right flank.

I use her because I’m so red poor, but she’s generally not a great defender.

She really shines against AoE bosses on quests and trials like Shrike wood.


I should also mention that I have enough mats to max her right off the bat. Hell I am sitting on 12 rings rn.

Agreed, with her slow speed and Riposte for herself and neighbors, the wing would be a terrible choice.

Without emblems especially, she is rather squishy, and that with her slow speed is not a particularly good combo for a tank, so I would recommend either flank - left or right would depend on who else is in the lineup. If she’s been beefed with lots of emblems, then maybe she can function as tank a bit better (but she’ll never be a top tank).

I agree you want to go defensive, that is Elena’s big weakness. But, because of the Riposte, I would choose boosting health in favor of defense wherever possible, since more damage will get reflected back that way. The talent tree path I’m following is RRRRLRL, if I ever get her to +20 (doubtful any time soon or possibly ever, she has competition for these emblems), her stats will be 871 attack (+62), 667 defense (+89), 1492 HP (+180), and she will have the +2% mana and healing boost also.


Thank you for the advice everyone!! I greatly appreciate it, I was just so damn happy to finally get a 5 star fire as I was sitting on enough mats to fully ascend one to max for a while now. And I am hoping my next 5 star will be Richard as I also have enough mats to fully ascend 1 blue five star as well now.

Imo she needs to be flank if you don’t emblem her fully defence and even so, she’s likely better flanking than tanking.

If she tanks, she dies to anything but a very bad board.

I stack blue against her (I run mono only) and in 20 or so months I’ve lost to her only a handful of times - if that.

In flank, behind a tank like Aegir or Kunchen or Santa or someone sturdy who can buy her time to power up… she can be disruptive

That said, if you’re in platinum or lower, she could be strong at tank w Def emblems

I have her at 3/70 - where she’s been for about a year - and I’m sitting on 15 rings. if I ascended her, it would be for titans and offence only and id go full attack with her for the tile boost. In that configuration though she’d never ever see my defence


@Halifax I tend to stay in mid to low plat.

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