Elementary summon


Hi there,
On elementary summon, there is always a particular 5* hero mentioned. In German version it is called ‘Aktion Joon’ right now and when you take a look at the heros, Joon is shown first.

Does that mean that the chance is higher to get Joon or are the odds still the same like for any other yellow 5*?


No, the summons are random, with a higher chance to 3* heroes, then 4*, with 5* the hardest to get.

If you get 4* WuKong, you can crow! Right now he is the best (combined with the right other heroes) to devestate Titans.

Best of luck to you!


Ok, thanks! I’m saving juwels right now for a 10-pull on yellow. Hoping for Wu and/or a 5* :slight_smile:
I’ve heard the next Hotm will be yellow, too. Probably it will take till March anyway :smiley:


Really curious for the next HotM.

Let’s see if someone dethrone Joon.


I’m pretty new in the game, but spend a lot of time in the past 6 weeks with it and as a player who does not want to spend too much money, I am a little afraid that the Hotms are a little bit op and even getting more op.
The reasons are obvious (keeping the spenders spend), but there is a high danger of getting more and more unbalanced :-/
In other words: I have the feeling that the next Hotm will kick Joon from the throne :wink:


I’m not certain of that: we got a pure damage yellow HOTM in Musa, I suspect even from a revenue perspective they will do something different than a fast striker. Could be wrong, but either it has to power creep Joon, or it needs to be different… and I suspect they will pick the latter.