Elemental wanted mission (Chest)

Is it just me or has anyone else not gotten a wanted mission with an elemental chest in a month or more? Not sure if my wording is correct. If I should address this elsewhere please let me know, thanks in advance.


I really think these shouldn’t be random. Give them weekly or after a set amount of other chests completed. Something stable…


I have one right now, so I think you are having an unlucky streak. I had those, not fun…:sob:

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My husband gets them about once every 3-4 weeks I do not :cry:

They are popping alright. Well I had a holy one recently, few days back. Sorry for the bad luck you are having but I am sure it is temporary and will go away as everything in this game is a matter of chance for the most part :thinking:

There are many posts already in the forum on this Elemental / Purple Wanted Mission Chests topic and here is one of them with some suggestions :grinning:


Realise this topic is a little long in the tooth but I couldn’t see a fresher one (sorry if I missed it). I agree with Ellilea, I think these should pop up with some stability, like a certain number of regular chests. Having said that, perhaps they do, now, since this thread is a little old so, then my question would be (if so) how many chests is that?
Then, there are the rewards; they are generally nice but I think, since they are clearly very rare, that they should always include one epic ascension item (which are also painfully rare), and that it should be from the colour of the chest. Just my two cents, and thanks.

Check this thread:


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