Elemental Wanted Chest Question

This is not a complaint but a suggestion on elemental chests. Yesterday i finished a blue elemental chest. I got poision darts as a reward. While i was happy to get a 4 star acesnsion item, it made me wonder why i got a yellow elemental reward. Shouldnt the rewardfor a blue elemental chest be a blue acension item? Seems that it would make more sense that the acension items match the chest color…especially cause i was really hoping for a telescope…haha

I like the idea of having a certain chest colour drop those items but I would like them to guarantee the 3* item (green = shield etc…)

I like the randomness of a 4star possibility.

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I don’t know if I should create a new topic or bring this one back to life… but I like the idea of having the elemental chest type be linked to the elemental loot.

I also want the farmable ascension loot removed. It’s BS.


I know this is a bit older of a thread, but I voted. It should make sense, if an elemental chest is rare, it should AT LEAST have a 50% chance of a 4* accession item of that element in there.

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I just got my first elemental chest in a couple of months and was quite disappointed it dropped a trap tool instead on a holy ascension item.

Honestly on all honestly and logical common sense WHAT is the actually true honest point in having an elemental chest of any type if it can and doesn’t reward you with items from that element.

@petri and @EmpiresPuzzles ;
In no common sense world does it make any sense what so ever that it doesn’t and thus these elemental chests should by all tokens have no right to be given those element titles at all if they can’t produce items only from those elements.

And random has nothing to do with this and these are technically titled elemental chests thus Holy, Fire, Nature, Ice and Dark chests NOT Random Elemental Chests.

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