Elemental vs challenge...which 10x

I am waiting for the blue elemental summons to come around. I have Grimm 4^60 with Valen 3^50 and Gunnar still moving up. Weak.

But the challenge evevt shoulx follow closely behind, and that left me wondering about waiting.

I was wondering what experiences others have had pulling from a challenge summons.

A good luck story would be nice. I am willing to read every horror story, too.

Last time I did a challenge 10x pull I got Natalya, lancelot, boldtusk, boril, rigard and the rest were 3*

Hope it helps…

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So, N2O, you got a monthly 5 and only one of the challenge heroes…assume Lancelot.

Yes that monthly is the only 5* ice gotten since joining lol… And Lancelot was the challenge hero I recieved. Not many challenge heroes I actually like but he was one I wanted to try so I was fortunate.

Don’t use him now though to be honest, no hidden blades leaves him at a level with no defense. Maybe in a few years I’ll have the ascension items I won’t need for better red heroes and I’ll try him out again. Right now boldtusk and Natalya are my red priorities.

If you need blue heroes, unless you really want the risk involved I would just do elemental. As things stand I still have nothing bigger than 3* in green and I’ve done 2 10x pull off events in my game history

To me, challenge pull is ‘new goodies I can’t get elsewhere’ vs. elemental being ‘trying for someone better than my current crop in that element’.

Remember that ‘new goodies’ isn’t necessarily ‘better goodies’ as much as our mindset would like to convince us otherwise.

I feel if you think you are weak in an element, you are better off pulling on that colour rather than dipping in to the more random pot of Challenge heroes. Sure you may get someone great with a challenge pull… but what if it’s in a colour in which you are already strong? But if you get someone great in an elemental pull, it’s guaranteed boost to your team.

So personally, I’d focus on elemental IF I feel I need to shore up that element in my team.

If you don’t have jackal or falcon, I’d say pull elemental. those give you a huge boost on purple and green titans, and jackal is very good raiding and events, and falcon + gormek or scarlet are also very good in events. Those two being color debuffers you can’t get elsewhere, I’d say pull Guardians. You might get panther too…

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Agreed with @Dante2377. Guardians have three very worthwhile heroes: Panther (5* purple), Jackal (4* yellow) and Falcon (4* red). You can’t get these from your training camps. I would allocate a majority of your budget event spins. Do these first. Afterwards, do blue if you still have spins and need.

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Guardians should be next, but is it best with the three heroes Kerridoc mentions. I am patient if there is a “best” event to pull from.

The problem with Guardians looks like three great heroes of which none are blue.

Thx, though, I now know more.

The one after Guardians, Avalon, has Arthur, said to be a very good blue 5*. Sadly I missed him last time around, or I’d probably still be working on leveling him now.

Thx, I will check out the rest of that event’s heroes.

Oh yeah…waiting for Avalon.


You mean pull event, NOT elemental. I totally agree with your analysis however, jackel and falcon are meta defining 4*s.

Agree that I would pull guardians as well. Jackal is awesome and falcon sure shows up a lot on event teams at the top.

Just so you know, be ready for anything when you do. I’ve had 10x pulls (on Avalon) yield me 10 3*. I’ve also had 10x pulls (dark elemental) yield 2 5*, 4 4* and 4 3*, all of which were useful to my team at the time.

I’m not advocating one or the other, just want you to be prepped :slight_smile:

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I was just about to post asking about which Guardians were good in prep for the event. Thanks to this thread, I don’t have to :slight_smile: .I have enough gems for 1 10x pull so here’s to hoping the RNG is good to me this weekend.

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Good luck, Joe. Jackal in your future for sure.

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So far, 2 10x pulls and only guardian Kong to show for it. Is he any good? Better than Natalya?

Did a guardian pull myself and got 2 falcons…the only one I didn’t want lol.

Your Kong is different from Natalya in every way. I prefer N if had to choose, but you don’t. Lucky you.

I wish I had a Falcon - I’d trade my 2nd jackal if I could for it :slight_smile:

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When they set up an exchange, I’m your guy

I did another pull. Got a 2nd G. Kong and Falcon. I really needed Jackal as I have no backup yellow 4* (Wu Kong is my starter). Ah well. I definitely have depth for alliance wars now (once I level all of this stuff up anyway sigh )

Wu kong shows up almost every pull for me…got 4 now. The screams that will go up when several become food…but wu lucky I never get a yellow good enough to level up.

Would trade all of my wu for one jackal lol