Elemental summons

This will be Short and sweet
Each colour lasts too long
Make it 12 hrs so we don’t have to wait a week to try the colour we need.

12 hours is way too short - too many people gonna miss it then


What about something in between? Honestly, sometimes 24 hours is too short for me… :wink:

12 hrs may be short but at least u won’t have to wait a week to try again

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Perhaps the option to fast forward to the next color after 12 hours are up. Or just get rid of the timer and allow people to choose which color at will.

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I think it does not have to rotate at all, what if all elemental summons are possible at all times?
5 weeks ago I started an alternative account. I am level 21 there and still without a 3* or better fire hero.
I have already fully leveled Bane 2x, Valen, Berden, Renfeld, Prisca 2x, Kailani, Isshtak so it is not a problem regarding big titan hits or progression on the map but still…
Do we actually know why it has to rotate? I don’t have a lot of experience with other current similar games but I think it does not have to. What do you think?

I would not mind if we have all at once with some price adjustement or whatever is needed to make it possible.
Or, there could be a cool down period on those elements you have already used…

I wish we could push a button and choose the element of the day.

I know, I know, I’m dreaming… :wink:


Feel like this “feature” must exist as some sort of marketing strategy… like people are more likely to buy a x10 elemental summon when it comes around every 8-10 days because they been waiting for it… but if it were always available maybe there’s some marketing/business model that says people would buy less.

I really don’t know, that’s the only reason I can think of why it’d be like this…

If elemental summons of any colour were available all the time, then no rational player would ever use an epic summons (because elemental summons carry an improved chance of pulling 5* heroes). As matters stand, there is a little bit of calculation involved:

  • I’ve got my 2600 gems now, and I really want a red or green 5* - can I wait three weeks until a colour I want comes along, or should I just go for it now, accepting the risk that I pull yellow, blue or purple?
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48 hours per color seems right for this game.

It is too long, especially I’m waiting impatiently, like nearly everything else which is “too long” a wait in this game, like stronghold upgrades!

First off, has anybody actually been able to measure the “improvement”? I don’t doubt that it is real, but I do doubt that it is very significant.

Second, If I could do any elemental summon any time, I still like the 2600 gem 10-pack deal…and If I wanted to develop all/any colors, I know I wouldn’t wait to save up 5X2600 = 13,000 gems.

Am I missing something?
5 colours a 2 days makes the waiting time at worst 18 days(if your colour comes on an event weekend)
In this game most of the progress takes weeks or months, a waiting time of 8 days if you just missed your colour seems really fair to me.

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That’s fair… It makes my brain hurt to consider the reasoning for the answer to the logical follow-up question:

“Why do we need the rainbow pull at all, then?”

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For starter playerssss

Starter players could choose any of the 5 colors they want, same as everyone else.