Elemental Summons upgrade

Let’s upgrade the elemental summons to include past HOTM’s that fit the element. Let’s be honest, S1 heroes don’t excite anyone who has played this game over a year and they really aren’t all that competitive in many ways. Maybe even attempt to release new 3&4 star heroes in those summons since SG likes to favor 5 stars in many of its events. I would be interested to know the percentage of players that actually spend gems in elemental summons.
What does everyone think?

The elemental summons actually does need to be revised. The idea of anyone actually using gems there, except for folks who still very new to the game, is nuts.

The hero academy, and the training camps already make the elemental summons port near useless.

The elemental summons could be revised to bring all heroes of specific color’s such as old HOTM’s, and season 2 and 3 rare and epic heroes in.

This would actually make it a little more worthwhile even for newer players


They could lower cost and increase chances for 5*, since best you can get is HOTM and S1 heroes…

You will still spend in future portals anyway :wink:


I get you, personally I do not use the elemental summons. My hero academy and my training camps have taken away the need for that.

As for ways to give the elemental summonses a bit more life is to add something to them that was not there before.

I cannot see that this particular summons window actually sees as many visits as any of the other portals, and if not it is not making money for SGG.

I am sure they have the numbers, and if they do not quite have the will power to do something about it at the moment, I am positive they can find a way.

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