Elemental Summon


For those players who either choose to not pay to play or can’t afford to pay to play at this point in their lives it really bites when you save up 300 gems and use them to get a 3* hero you start the game with. What a waste. This game has a 4.8 rating on Google Play. The devs need to start earning the rating…


This is a Pay to Win game and was designed so. There is no such thing as a free to play game. If you want better heroes you need to pay for them. If you enjoy the game then donate some money to the hard working developers.


Though one might wish there were! :wink:


If it was pay to play then there should be a charge to download. A lot of players have quit this game because of the favoritism shown to the high level pay to play people.


It isnt a question of favouritism. Everybody has an equal opportunity to buy gems. If you dont want to pay, then you dont advance as fast.

Its the nature of a pay to win game.


My contribution so far to this game is 0.99€ in 3 months, with my 500 gems gathered +200 I did 2 elemental summons and I got Azar and Gormek, good trade :smile:


Do you have more money than time? Pay2win. Do you have more time than money? Free2play.

And usually there is a third class that does a little of both; pays a little, waits a little.

ALL these modes of play are acceptable, as are the players who choose them. :wink:


I just bought 30 holy summons and got no 5* hero :frowning: and it says “increased” chance… this sucks :frowning:


People who spend money get even more frustrating. Spending say 100 and not getting what they want.

Who would spend any money if free play would guarantee good stuff and paying did not??


I read this morning on the Forums of a guy who bought 3 10x rolls and got 9x 4* heroes. Because he didn’t get a 5*, or the Hero of the Month, he assumed this was “bad luck”. One 4* for every 3 heroes rolled? Hardly!!

But you have to roll to know. I think we will always be unhappy because we spend and do not get what we want, even if what we get is good. :confused:


3 10x rolls is quite a lot of money. I would imagine people who do it want a 5*. I haven’t done that many rolls and I’ve a solid stable of 4* heroes with t13 going giving me a chance of more, slight as it may be. Whenever I don’t get a 5* from rolls/tokens I feel :confused: If I did 3x 10 rolls and got just 4* it’d be an awfully disappointing waste of money/accumulated gems to me. 4* heroes will only get you so far and at some point you see 5* everywhere you go/look (Alliance, Raids, Events) and you feel like a commander of scrubs rolling just 4*.

So I’d say it was bad luck indeed. Some people get even worse luck, certainly, but it doesn’t make these rolls good at all.


I’ve been told by those with 5* that a 4* lvl 70 is actually slightly stronger than a 5* lvl 70. And how many of these 5*’s seen in the game are fully lvl’d?

If this is a true statement, I’d rather have 4’s that can be level’s relatively quickly, than 5’d stuck in development.

But that’s a whole other argument… :wink:


I have more patience than both :smile:
So far the game is exciting, to me investing money and getting advantage is similar to adding codes to a game to obtain unfair advantage.

Now im not saying the money ain’t hard earned but I’d rather grind in the game :slight_smile:


To my knowledge, that is correct. But man, cast a 4* spell and cast a 5* spell. The shiny bajungles alone will make you disregard the slight stats disadvantage!

On a more serious note - I bet to most people 5* simply looks like a more sound investment of the rare ascension mats even if it takes a whole lot longer to bring to its full potential. Whether it’s the right choice is another story, but that’s how gamers operate from my experience :slight_smile:


I think I’ve done maybe 7x10 pulls, and like 30x epic and elemental single pulls with gems/tokens.

I have gotten exactly 1x 5*. And no heros of the month.

Maybe I’m super unlucky, I dont know.
I know I feel like bricking the phone every time though haha!


I have zero 5*, seven 4*, and a bunch of 3*. I also haven’t spent very much. :grin:

When someone else lucks into a 5*, I do not expect to get the same as them…I expect 5*—the pinnacle of the game so far—to be deucedly difficult to get. And when it’s not, and someone is lucky, I can rejoice with them. :wink:


Oh honey D:

Here, have a kitten… https://media3.giphy.com/media/yedDQGWwq0heU/giphy.gif


Even people that can pay to play find it frustrating and bullshit. 2100 tokens 7 pulls on elemental all 3 star. The last 3 being on holy and not only 3 star but the weakest 3 star coming up twice dawa, bane, dawa. Almost frustrating enough that you never want to purchase gems again. Befor that 4 pulls on blue and all lower 3 star level. It’s extremely frustrating. I plan on doing 3 more when dark come around and if there isn’t 1 4 star in the mix I will probably drop this game for a while.


If you do holy summon and don’t get at least 1 Bane, than there’s a bug lol.


Bane is “one of the lowest level holy 3*”??

News to me. He has the second strongest attack, second strongest defense, third strongest HP; middle of the pack there.

I’m sorry you got double Dawa if you don’t like her; she’s got the strongest 3* holy attack points (her special is a tad low).

Not sure what your Blue pulls were, but maybe you should look closer before discounting them. :wink: