Elemental Summon Upgrade

Gotcha…^^^ disregard.

Didn’t know S2 heroes could be got from HA10 been doing that for about 2 months now still got S1 heroes out, S2 pulls must be a 1 in a million return

HA10 will give you 95% another S1 hero, and there is a 5% chance you can get:
S2 5*
Event 5* older than one year
HOTM older than one year.

I believe if you tap on the tooltip in the HA it will show a list of what heros you can get at the special rate. It’s similar to the 5% chance of a S1 5* in TC20

But that 5% chance it comes once a week in HA 10 compared to once every two days in TC 20. So chances to get something good from HA 10 compared to TC 20 are 3.5 times worse.

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Excellent point - however as someone who’s still missing many S1 heros, a “good” outcome for me isn’t just that 5% drop of special heros. We are definitely off topic here though so I’ll leave it there.

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