Elemental Summon Upgrade

With S4 at the end of the release pipeline will SG start dropping S2 heroes into the Elemental Summon?

Apologies if this has already been questioned, didn’t see it.

That’s an excellent suggestion. I never do the Elemental pulls cause I’m already running a TC20 and HA10. Maybe if they spiced it up people might be more inclined to use those Epic Hero Tokens instead of hoarding them for seasonal events.


i doubt it, considering that Atlantis Rising is still an event. IF, they do decide to get rid of it, we may see S2 heroes be obtainable through normal portals like S1. Keep in mind that it’s a very big if

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It makes sense but sadly, unless Atlantis rises is eliminated…they are probably seeing a rise in gem usage during AR. Whereas Elemental draws are a rip off, I feel bad for new players thinking it’s a great deal.

We also need them in TC20 please


100% YES @Nal94 ! What a nice step in the name of good faith to its players by just giving a TINY shot at that. Imagine 90% season one, 10% season two.

Take it a step farther and have it added to HA10 too. 80% Season 1, 15% season 2 and 5% HOTM.

Little things like that are what would start moving the tide back to thinking they listen to what ALL players want.

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Honestly it ain’t gonna happen, atlantis still has decent hero’s I kinda think they should change the price of summons in gem wise maybe once s4 comes out.
Personally I don’t spend gems on atlantis but July has miki that’s someone people want, majority of my alliance doo. Could be one of thee last times before locked up in tol. Unless they make another titan hero could be one in s4

If I was doing a list of things that completely make no sense nowadays but somehow are still in a game and pretend to be fair/meaningful, elemental summons would be very close to the top there.

It’s one of those ‘always been there’ things that without being updated for 3 years and counting just looks ridiculous.

Any form of reworking it would make sense, including total removal because who in 2021 gets excited about featured Khagan or Justice (and with a headline “New Hero” on the pop up lol).

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When I was a newer player I loved the elemental summon since I could be sure to get the color I needed when I spent gems. I think when we are farther along we forget these things but for players just starting out they serve a needed function to be able to focus your result.

Yeah, well, as newer player I looked at it the same way, but only until I realized that I am tricked into paying the same gem price for basically the pool of weakest heroes in the game, and the real strong ones are elsewhere.

And it was back in the days where the only non-standard pulls were challenge events and Atlantis.

In today’s world it’s basically a robbery, and only to trick new players who do not know the game, its heroes and do not understand the event schedule. They are basically tricked into spending gems chasing Rigard, just so then after they unlock costume chamber, they will have to summon for his costume. Not to mention when they realize this “powerful featured Azlar” they may be after is nothing compared to Gravemaker or Gefjon.


Newer players are just fine with a season 1 5*. On my alts I’ve been playing for a year with only vip and valor spend I don’t have even a full set of 5* and they play just fine, getting deep into S3 levels with 4* heros

So many people who play for top competition forget that many just play for the enjoyment of playing and don’t need the best newest fanciest things to be perfectly happy.

For certain players elemental summon is very useful. If it isn’t for you don’t use it, but why argue to take it away? For some getting a specific color to build a rainbow team or fill out a particular titan team is more important than gambling those gems at Valhalla or costume etc.

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I agree. When I started the game I had some free VIP and other gems (Facebook +50, Missions in the menu, monster/hero chests, Mystic Vision) and I lacked a decent red or green hero for a long time - two or three weeks. Finally was able to assemble the gems and I reached into the elemental portals to finish a rainbow team. Got Azlar and Melendor and those two even at 2/60 and 3/60 pulled me up ahead very fast. Also when I made my side accounts I often reached into an elemental portal to complete a rainbow team or more recently to complete a colorstacking team of three 3* at the very least since TC12 have been up and running for almost a month everywhere but on some accounts there are still lacking certain colors - for example, have 6 purple, 0 blue.

To an experienced player it may seem silly that a newbie will pull something from an elemental portal, but to the newbie that single elemental portal pull may be a stepping stone to develop way faster compared to a random Valhalla or Atlantis pull.

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I understand all that reasoning, wanting to color stack etc but still would direct any newbie to hold on to their gems until they can unlock costume chamber and focus their pulls there, if they insist on hasting things with gem summons. Yeah, may be a bit harder to land that Melendor specifically, but any other pulls will be actually decent, valid and useful in 2021 version of a hero. Not to mention the bonus ascension mat chest, which even if just containing compass or hidden blade, is so valuable for newer players who do not have access to many places to farm these ascension mats for their 4s.

It’s just waste of gems to pay 300 for a pull with S1 classics only. The price should be lowered or the pool of heroes available here increased. Else, it’s just preying on newbies’ unawareness.


Would be too easy to get them

Here’s an example why I think a bit differently.

I couldn’t finish a rare quest up to the 3* mat before I got a rainbow team of 3*, leveled to at least 50 each. That rainbow team of 3* would be assembled much later had I waited for the costume chamber pull for example. In the starting weeks of play my 2* free VIP pulls eventually gave me an early Renfeld and a Gunnar. In the same first couple weeks of play got 2 EHT from a MV and an elemental chest which gave me Bane and Valen, in that order. As you may imagine, I was not very happy with the second Bane in the beginning. Nor with Gunnar. Of course I saw his tank potential but otherwise he was almost useless to me. Valen’s snipe and debuff ability was way more important for my early development.

When I saw I wasn’t getting any greens and reds from EHT or normal 2*VIP summons, I decided to grab something of the specific colors I required from the elemental portals. There was no other place which would give me the exact colors I wanted and needed.

Had I indeed waited for a costume pull, I’d be delayed in my development for at least 2 more weeks. In these two weeks however I was able to clear a rare quest up to the last item - got a Hidden Blade from Mt Umber in the beginning of December, which was my first rare item from a rare quest. I believe I got another one shortly after from the next rare quest.

So in short, because I chose not to wait for a costume pull and went for the elemental portals early I was able to obtain two 3* mats which I would otherwise miss because I would lack the team power.

In addition, those two elemental pulls weren’t going to give me any extra bonus ascension chest mat because it requires 10 pulls, not 2.

But after I built up my initial team, of course there was no reason for me to pull from the elemental portal and I saved further gems for costume pulls.

Still I guess that if someone needs desperately a good S1 sniper like Lianna, Joon or Marjana, probably the elemental portal is the best bet since TC20 and HA10 are much more unreliable and slow.

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Exactly - you can’t be strategizing for the hero academy when you just pulled your first Bane.

Just because something isn’t optimal for late game doesn’t mean it’s wrong or wasteful when you’re starting.

And S1 heros are PLENTY useful for newer players.

@Chaz092608 this thread and many others on S2 heroes is doomed like all other requests I myself last October asked for tc21 to be S2 heroes only @JonahTheBard was trying to help getting some response from @Staff_SGG but no response from the devs. They could also do TC22 for S3
Heroes only and in 12 months time when S5 is being released TC23 for S4 heroes only (do you see where this is going devs) I would love to get my hands on S2 5 star heroes but I am not buying tokens that give me S1 3 star feeders someday the devs might listen to there customers but don’t hold your breath it might be a long time coming

Then what you’re looking for is HA10 - that’s where they’ve put the chance for S2 heros outside the Atlantis summon.

HA10 comes at a, time/material cost equivalent to Elemental Summon?

I did not realize this…time to ge to work finishing this off. Had no idea HA10 was an instant pull that had a 100% chance of pulling a specific color.

You got your wires crossed

I’m in favor of the elemental summon.

He was talking about wanting a place to pull S2 heros, which if you don’t want to spend gems, is HA10.