Elemental summon should not be replaced during events!

What if I want to do an elemental summon during events? They should have that portal always accessible like the S1 5star portal.

Nicos seriously? You are doing elemental summons and cant wait for a few days?
Personally, I’d be very happy for both portals, elemental and the S1, to be permanently shut down. I don’t think anyone, incl. newbies, benefits from these portals.


@Samantha7 , you can’t take the sky away from people… if he wants to do elemental summons, especially while some event portal is open, by all means, they should give him the oportunity to do so! Who are we to judge?!


Ian487, you are right there, but there just isn’t enough space, so something’s got to give.

If I’m leveling a specific color that portal gives the best exp

Doing 300 gems elemental pulls to get feeders might not be the brightest idea… training camps have specific color trainings if that’s what you aim for, but they’re slow and expensive… usually people use summon portals to get heroes worth keeping, not feeders. As I said, you could always use the elemental portal, as long as you enjoy it… it’s just… counter productive on the long run…


The amount of sarcasm lost in this thread is legendary :joy:


Not sure why you’re saying that. Say I want to level Marjana. This is the only portal where you get increased chances of red heroes which gives 20% extra experience! SG themselves say so that it’s the best value.

The extra experience will never be worth the gems spent to get those feeders.
But as we can see your gem wallet on this screenshot and I guess spending gems is none of your concerns so go ahead if you like. You are certainly the only one in the universe doing summons for feeders.


I’ll admit that the elemental portals are often the least attractive, but they serve a purpose. In any random distribution of five choices, one choice is going to be chosen infrequently compared to the others. The elemental summons balances that. It’s only really useful in the early stages of developing your roster.

I just spent most of them on CF2 but yeah still the best for exp

NICOS, sounds to me crazy too. It’s like throwing away money - if you can do that without being bothered, and you are in any case familar (and obviously have accepted) that only ever one colour is avaiable to you. So you can live with that, but need access to the portal during a rare challenge event??
Here is a suggestion: why not send money to Ukraine or other worthy causes in lieu of spending the money on the elemental portal for 5 days a month.
I’m sure you can come up with better ideas if this does not suit you.

You really can not tell someone how to spend their money! Unless you’re his wife? Even then I’m not sure :melting_face:

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Not so… whales always do summons for feeders… just not in the elemental portal… but they do use the troop portal extensively. Took me 4 years of hardcore grind to bring a second set of troops to 23 while there’s plenty of players with 5 sets of 5 maxed troops. All those feeders had to came from somewhere… and it isn’t farming, for sure.


Troop is another story, there was no troop training option until the Hero Academy came around and even nowadays, troop training is still close to 0 improvement over farming.

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you’re not wrong per se, but troop training did have the nice side effect of giving a place to park iron the way food can be parked in almost every other building that creates something.


Yes, troop training is indeed very good for iron banking. Especially that the troop trainings take so long… so the “iron cost” of banking iron in the Hero Academy isn’t that big of a deal.


Oh, i totally agree, so my suggestion is only half serious (as i believe that this call for a permanently open elemental summon is only half serious, but, of course, i could be wrong). I also added that i’m sure he has better ideas…all of this was tongue-in-cheek cause i just can’t get my head around it. It would be so expensive…but, hey, everything is possible.

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Training camps can be used for specific color of common and uncommon heroes. For feeders that is best. If you are looking to up you keepers of a specific color the elemental summon my might be worth it. I have pulled both Magni and Joon from training camps though.

Lol your sense of humour is very close to mine, although mine mostly gets me into trouble.

Actually something doesn’t smell right about wanting elemental summons so much :thinking: :joy: