Elemental summon bugged?


Hello, earlier today I bought 2 packs of 10 heroes and another 10 individual heroes from the Holy Elemental Summon that says “Increased chance for LEGENDARY heroes. Holy heroes only” and I received no Legendary hero and no Alberich either. Only 9 - 4* heroes and the rest are all 3* :frowning:

Is it possible this is a bug or am I incredibly unlucky? (I added screenshots with the heroes)

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:!



Hey Syrax
I had the same situation a few days ago, randomized the violet cards, so bad that I did not get any purple max 2x4 *, and the rest of the card is 3 *
This means that with the increased chance, there is still little or no Chance.


You did 30x summons and got 9x 4*?
I would say you were very lucky haha!

Chances for 4*, 5* or the hero of the month are quite low unfortunately.


9 x 4* heroes = lucky!

I’m sorry you didn’t get what you wanted, but you just made a whole bunch of people jealous who didn’t share your luck.


I agree, just did over 60 summons on atlantis, without a single 5*… while a lot of people is getting 2 or 3 five star heroes on a 10x summon… not to mention the ones that get them on a single summon… it’s unfair, frustrating and not worth any penny spent…


Sorry you feel this way. I have done many pulls. 4* and 5* are but in the game rules saying you are going to get them. They are there it is I don’t get them. It doesn’t stop me from playing and trying. It is like a lotto ticket. You might win but you probably won’t. No big deal. My whole family plays in my house and my daughter has 12 5s. She is very very lucky for a 7 year old. Me not so lucky. Count on what you have. I feel like most of my 4s are better anyway lol. It is a gamble. Don’t worry you will get them one day.