Elemental Summon Bug Issue

Dear Small Giant,

So I decided on Monday evening to spend 2600 gems to do 10 summons on green elemental as soon as it popped up from blue elemental.

On Tuesday 26th June, 9am Greenwich time or 11am Finnish time, the elemental summon turned from blue to green.
I clicked on it, confirmed I wanted to spend 2600 gems and to my astonishment, 10 blue heroes appeared, one after the other… I received 4 4*, 3 Kiril and 1 Sonya, and 6 3*, 1 Valen, 1 Karil, 2 Ulmer, 1 Graymane and 1 Gunnar.
I already had 5 Kiril and 3 Sonya and was therefore really annoyed that I got blue heroes while I pulled on green heroes…

I contacted SG straight away and they replied rather promptly asking for more details around the time the summons were done.

I provided the details and they came back to advise that they could not reverse the summons, could not remove heroes from my roster and therefore offered me 3 epic hero tokens and 1 world energy flask as compensation.

This is actually far from satisfactory compensation as I should not be suffering from constant bugs from the game.

I wasted 2600 gems and I am only offered 3 tokens worth only 900 gems??? Where is the fairness in this compensation???
The least they should offer me is 10 epic hero tokens but even then these are useless as I only do event and elemental summons and epic hero tokens cannot be used for these summons.

I would therefore really appreciate that SG credit my account with 2600 gems.



I do not believe here to be unreasonable at all… Why should I pay the maximum price for game bugs?? I think it is fair that SG reimburse me the 2600 gems that I have spent and for which I was given the wrong colour heroes…


That sucks man! Sorry to hear that. I don’t see how they could consider what they gave you compensation for the issue. That makes no sense at all.

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Thanks Loto for your support. I totally agree… This is no compensation for the bug that I am the victim of…

This had happened to one of my alliance members just the other day too, although with only one summon. So wasn’t too big of a deal.

But I think you are rightly upset you didn’t get what you paid for. I hope they offer a better remedy.

Considering the amount of money we put in this game, this is scandalous! You should be credited 100% of what you lost, and the blue heroes removed. Hell you should maybe even be allowed to keep them, for your troubles!


Thanks 2Spookd for your support. I hope they do too. Cause that is not the right level of compensation at all

Thanks Flint, exactly what I have asked for

So do you still own the 10 heroes from the pull or did they remove them? You say they removed them from your roster and gave you 3 tokens? This sounds unbelievable and if it‘s true the biggest scam ever😂

No they advised that they cannot remove heroes from roster… I have them

Ah ok I missunderstood it then. They should compensate you with 2600 gems nonetheless if it was a gaming bug. Would be a shame if they didn‘t!

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They recognised it is a game bug but 3 tokens is unacceptable

Oh wow… As a hoarder of gems to eventually do a 10x summon myself, this is quite alarming.

I wonder if the time zone of the server where you are accessing your game from has had anything to do with perhaps data not having caught up with the game. To be honest, I’ve only did 1x summon with gems on elemental only once, and I didn’t have any issues with the element of the hero drew (just the tier, :P).

I was going to see if the banner that shows the elemental heroes on your phone/device actually switched to green before you hit the confirm button, but since SGG has already confirmed to you that a bug exists, so that idea is ruled out.

Since each elemental summon is around for about almost 2 days (I think?) I wonder if it is a good idea to not perform the summon as you soon as you notice the banner switch over, and wait a few hours before committing to the summon.

It is unfortunate what has happened to you and the Hero Tokens are not really equivalent compensations (because 1. they cannot be used in elemental summons. 2. They cannot be used in events (except for the seasonal ones).

I hope when it comes time for me to take this plunge, I don’t end up seeing the wrong colors…

See my screenshot from the reply they sent me… They recognised a bug but are not compensating me as they should

Can you post screenshot;)!

I keep trying to post it but to no avail

Hope it works this time

Please don’t share personal details on the forum and this includes private conversations such as support tickets.

I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed with our service - we can’t discuss invidual cases here so I’d ask you to contact support again and we can discuss this further.

Also, related to the issue in question, there was indeed an unfortunate but rare bug where player received previous element hero(es) from the elemental summon when they did the summon just when the element changed. However, we have now fixed this issue in 1.13.2.

Dear Petri,

Thank you for the prompt reply and for admitting that I was the victim of a bug, rare maybe, but still a bug.

I have reopened the support ticket and await your reply

Hopefully SG does the right thing here, it’s an admitted bug and it’s effected a few people. Just give them 2600 gems and an apology. The players did nothing wrong and just wanted 10 heroes of a certain color for a reason. 3 tokens isn’t a fair trade for a mistake on SG’s part.


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