Elemental Raiders - Is Recruiting

Hey Folks,

We are a group of 2 guilds, all the active more serious players in 1 group and casual members, play at your own pace, in the other. We are recruiting, but also open to a merger with other like minded small groups who want to expand.

We are searching for growing and experienced players who will be an active and a daily participant within our alliances.
We are a friendly international group, English speaking, of drama-free, knowledgeable and fun players. Some of us have been playing together for over 2 and half years.

Elemental Raiders Requirements:
• Join the guild on Heroplan.oi
• Join our Discord server, communicate.
• Participate in wars and use all flags or opt out.
• Follow War strategy, read the featured message.
• Hit the Titan, or let us know you’re away.

Elemental Raiders expects and encourages every member to communicate thru in-game chat and Discord, try to learn and participate reliably with both Titans and Alliance Wars. We have all kinds of resources, screenshots, documents, spreadsheets, links and videos, for general gameplay knowledge, raiding and titan tips, war strategy, events, quests, roster advice and for setting goals on what to do next. We genuinely enjoy helping each other improve and advance, set goals and progress for individual and alliance success.
We expect daily participation on Titans and the use of all 6 flags in Alliance Wars or please use the opt out feature before the matchmaking begins.
Communication is a priority for our alliance, we are fine with members missing Titan hits or Wars due to real life situations, but we need to be given a quick heads up before you disappear.

Our Sister Alliance

Big Bad Canadian Beavers Requirements:

• Hit the titan.
• War is optional, must use all flags and same color tank if participating.
• Communicate when you go inactive for a period of time.

Either serious or casual we have a spot for you. If you’re looking for a guild to grow with, kill titans and win wars please join us.

Message me on Line or Discord for joining.

Line ID: kathoc or Discord ID: @kathoc#5111


Still looking for great groups to merge with or other players needing a home.

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