Elemental or Regular Defense Debuff, and Other Status Effects Fail – Likely a Visual Bug

  1. Athena attacked Vivica and Vivicas buffed defence (+64%) just got removed without additional debuff (-41%) from Athena.

  2. Jackal attacked Domi and her defence was not affected by his color debuff (-54%).

Devs, check these and correct your code if bugs found.

It’s a visual bug, it happenned for me when i attacked with tiburtus. But the debuff is still applied.

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Please fix asap…

Is it possible this is the same issue?

(FYI @Kerridoc @Rook)

SoHas anyone noticed with My Evelyn at irregular times the green shield with down pointing arrow does not appear on monsters

I think this is likely the same issue as this:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic)

Thanks was wondering if that was all it was

I’ve noticed in a few raids that Evelyn’s special skill doesn’t always seem to stick to the enemy. The damage is applied, but the -54% nature defense isn’t. This has also happened when using Hel’s special. The enemy takes damage, but their mana isn’t blocked.

At first I thought I was imagining things, but it’s happened several times now. The enemies I specifically remember this happening with were Gregorion and Obakan, neither of which is in the Monk class, so that perk that allows them to avoid status ailments shouldn’t be a factor. None of the teams had Inari, so they weren’t dodging the specials. None of my heroes had the blind effect applied to them, either.

I don’t have any video evidence at the moment, but I’ll start recording my raids until it occurs again.

Has anyone else noticed anything similar? Is there some situation I might have overlooked where this could be possible?

@Stargasm I suspect this is the same issue as this:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic)

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Ah, guess I didn’t see that when I searched the forum before creating the topic. Thanks!

Merged and renamed thread to help find ability.


I just added “or Regular” to the title, since the first report also had Athena in it.

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Well its happens with Isarnia and Evelyn too but i only found that in underwater levels… but its just visual because de debuff still working on mobs… (at least with tile damage)

This thread seems most related to my issue.

Had the none appearing elemental and normal defence debuffs on Evelyn, Tiburtus and Grimm skills.
But it also happens with other skill effects too.
One raid an opponent’s buddy casts his special and as soon as the minion’s spawning animation finished they just disappeared and I was being hit by invisible minions.
Gravemaker’s burn has also gone invisible on me at times too. Then the enemy hit by it burns to death in invisible fire, so still seems to be a part of this visual bug I’d reckon.

Can’t seem to see any clue as to what sets it off yet.

over the last week I have noticed that I am using guardian panther to debuff opponents and the purple debuff is not being left on characters at random intervals.

at first I thought inqasnt paying attention but it happened like 6 more times. will try get screen shot one next one.

I have noticed the same thing when using Gravemaker. The damage still occurs each round as it is supposed to, but the fire display drops off after the first tick.


I have noticed the same thing with Evelyn in a raid. As far as I know the debuff was however applied… at least, I killed the target I wanted to kill, so good enough for me :wink:

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I’ve been seeing the same with Panther/Evelyn/GM. Pretty sure it’s only a cosmetic bug, and I know for sure the GM burn is still in effect.

You’re not alone, this sounds like this same issue:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic)

Buddy and Athena cast their debuffs and after 4 turns when both defense debuffs get off the defense debuff icon remains and on hero no tip of any defense debuff effect.

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