Elemental or normal attack?

I have this question about attacks that are considered elemental or just normal attack.

  1. Tiles attacks are elemental - red does double damage vs green, purple does double damage vs yellow.
  2. What about Special Skill Attack? I dont think Kelile’s Dance of Fire does double damage vs green heroes.
  3. What about Titan’s normal and special attack vs heroes?
  4. What about defender heroes’ normal and special attack in raids?
  5. What about the minions’ attack?

Thank you for the help.

  1. Yes.

2-4: Not elemental.

  1. Elemental
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I believe Delilah ‘s minions do count as elemental attacks based on the hero they’re protecting.

Ah, true, true, misread or something. Ty :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help. I dont have delilah. She sounds powerful with the minions attack is elemental. Wish i got her last month.
So basically for example Guinevere’s protection from dark does not do anything vs dark titans, right?

If the Special Skill attacks aren’t effected by the Elemental biases, why do folks seem to recommend doubling up on the strong element heroes (strong against a boss or opposing Tank’s element)?

  1. I do seem to recall that Kashhrek mitigated my Kelile’s dance of fire a LOT even though I thought her special is supposed to be non-elemental.

That’s because of tile damage. With doubled up strong color your tiles drop the tank pretty well.

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A perfect example is Zelines special. It says specifically it does extra damage against ice.

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This is because Kashrek’s special mitigates against Fire:

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Thank you for the picture, I incorrectly assumed that everyone already knew this.

So the answer to 2. is wrong and and Kelile’s special is indeed elemental?

Forgive. I don’t assume everyone knows everything. :slight_smile:

Since my Kelile and Kashrek are more or less infants, I tested R vs G on the map, not in Raid, so you can discount this if you like.

When I tested it, I get the following point spread:


  • against R: -410 pts
  • against G: -432 pts
  • against B: -290 pts

Not seeing double damage here. Cheers!


Well this is one point where it gets funny. The special is not affected by elemental weakness (so, no double dmg to green). How ever, fire shield still reduces it damage AFAIK.

Ok so just to make sure this is correct i want to bump up this thread.

  1. All tiles attack is elemental.
  2. Slash attack from raid defense is normal attack
  3. Hero’s special skill attack is both : Normal when hits target without any element protection but Elemental (and thus reduced damage) when hits target with element protection.
  4. What about Titan attack? Does Kashrek’s swamp skin reduce damage from red titan’s special attack too?

I really hope someone document these normal and elemental attacks in detailed guide. It doesnt quite make sense when special attack can be both normal and elemental lol.

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For 3, it’s also Elemental when the taget has element weakness.

Yes. Thank you.
I also just had a battle vs dark titan and used Guin and I believe :
4. Titan attacks are both normal and elemental. Element protection skill like Guinevere’s will reduce dark titan’s attacks.
It makes me want to get Domitia now!

I was debating using Kiril against the Kirin boss (say that 5 times fast) in Season 2 while working my way through the Hard levels but the “does extra damage against ice” part of Kirin’s special made me think twice. Does anybody how much “extra damage” is? It can’t be twice as much damage, I assume, but I am curious to know.

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Did you ever find an answer to what amount the bonus for “extra damage against color” in a special like Zeline or GV’s is?



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