Elemental Link Question


Just wondering, when a hero like Gregorian or Alasie cast “Elemental Link”, does that give a +5% stat bonus to Gregorian/Alasie, or the “caster” too, or is it just the other same elemental heroes?


I think is for same colour


It is for everyone of the same element, including the caster itself.

So let’s say Alasie fires her special --> Alasie herself and every other blue hero on your team will get the 5% stat bonus (elemental link) for 6 turns :slight_smile:


Thank you! Exactly what I wanted to know! Makes me love Gregorian even more now lol


New heroes are getting different elemental link buffs. For example, Evelyn (green HotM for November) currently has a link that heals all Nature heroes at 4% for 6 rounds (24% total, which isn’t bad at all). This DOES stack with Gregorion’s buff, even though they share a symbol.