Elemental Link Question

Just wondering, when a hero like Gregorian or Alasie cast “Elemental Link”, does that give a +5% stat bonus to Gregorian/Alasie, or the “caster” too, or is it just the other same elemental heroes?

I think is for same colour

It is for everyone of the same element, including the caster itself.

So let’s say Alasie fires her special --> Alasie herself and every other blue hero on your team will get the 5% stat bonus (elemental link) for 6 turns :slight_smile:


Thank you! Exactly what I wanted to know! Makes me love Gregorian even more now lol

New heroes are getting different elemental link buffs. For example, Evelyn (green HotM for November) currently has a link that heals all Nature heroes at 4% for 6 rounds (24% total, which isn’t bad at all). This DOES stack with Gregorion’s buff, even though they share a symbol.

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I’m currently trying to figure out how I’d know if a special skill stacks or overwrites another one. Is there a clue on the card that I need to read to understand that?

I’d just asked one of our member’s about using Anzogh with Wilbur, afraid Angoth would overwrite him, and he explained the chain link is a separate thing from regular defence buffs, and won’t overwrite it.

I see the same link on Gravemaker and assume the same thing (that’s he’s okay to pair with Wilbur).

My question though, is how do I actually see that on the card, or is it just common knowledge by most players?

Same question for stacking, how do I actually know that?

There is nothing explicit in the powers usually. However:

Normal buffs and debuffs of the same kind will overwrite each other:

  • Normal attack (including progressive buffs like Khiona’s)
  • Normal defense (including progressive debuffs like Athena’s)
  • DOTs of the same kind (fire, poison)
  • HOTs
  • Chance boosts of Attack (Wu, Ranvir)
  • Elemental defense

Nondispellable buffs and debuffs will overwrite and pre-empt dispellable buffs and debuffs of the same kind (for example, Master Lepus’ defense debuff preempts both Kiril’s defense buff and Grimm’s defense debuff)

Element links are stackable with other kinds of element links, and are nondispellable. They are also stackable with normal buffs and debuffs affecting the same type of stat.

  • So currently, it is possible to have a 5% attack/5% defense, 4% healing, and 46% elemental defense (and soon 4% mana regeneration) all at once
  • Zimkitha’s 4% health gain stacks with Ares’ HOT

Some powers, like Tarlak’s, say that they explicitly stack with similar effects.

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