Elemental Hero Summon Tokens

Seems like there is token for just about everything hero / troop related. I wonder if there is a call for Elemental Hero Tokens as an item you can get for the elemental summons? Since hero types cycle every 2 days , and there are typically breaks of 2.5(?) days each month for challenge events (during Challenge Events, the elemental summons are replaced by Event Summons).

So in this case, you really only use anything like this for perhaps up to 6 days / month for a certain colored token. Besides, if everything else is the same, I don’t see how this would be game breaking feature to implement since there will be odds that you drop a Holy Token in the slot and you get a Bane in return. No different if people were to use 300 Gems or 2600 Gems for 10X Elemental summon and end up getting 3* in return, IMHO.

It may just be the most coveted types of Token though.


Or easier yet—allow the existing Epic Hero Token to be used in Events and Elemental Summons as well. They all cost 300 gems, so SG doesn’t assign any value difference among them.

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True… But shhhh… SGG doesn’t want new players to figure out there is a difference in “value” in which summon slot was used… I think if that were the case, almost no one will use Hero Tokens in Epic Hero summons.

You also brought up a good point, there is no event token, so the elemental summons just got changed to epic summon + the event heroes during the Challenges. If Epic Hero tokens can be used there, it would quite nice too. But the number of pool of heroes is the largest, but still less than daily summons because they don’t include 1*-2* heroes and any troops.

However, we also cannot assume all heroes get the same odds, it is likely the 3* has highest probability of being drawn, followed by 4* and then 5*. Not sure about the HOTM though, reading the threads seem to indicate some players seem to be pretty lucky getting multiple copies of them, while getting tons of repeated 3* during the summoning phase.

The hero of the month is a bonus roll made for every other roll in the Epic, Event, or Elemental summonings. That includes one bonus chance for each of the ten in a multiple summoning.

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Thank you for the explanation, so for each of the 10x summons, they are treated as an individual event each time (as opposed to both incidences being treated as 1 event, which I suppose would not be fair to the players doing a 10x summon), so that each one of the draws has a chance for the HoTM.

Means a 10X summon can theoretically get 10 copies of the HoTM, if any one is “this” lucky.

Yes, there are confirmed sightings of two HotM from a 10x pull. Not 10,but still…

**Elemental Summon Tokens

I think it would be a great idea to add elemental summon tokens to the game. It would make a big difference and would be cool to get every now and then.
The summon tokens would look like the epic hero and silver summon tokens just with the element color. For example, the nature would be green, the dark would be purple, the ice would be blue, and so on. You could get them from wanted missions, titan loot, war loot, and raid tournament loot. You would get a higher chance of getting one in an elemental chest, but the token would be the element of the chest. They would also be available as loot for the monthly event when you score 1st-5th place.
Please consider this idea, I think it would be a great addition to the game.

Actually I’d prefer a token that works in challenge event summons. Elemental summon only gives you classic heroes which you can get for free from TC20.

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According to Tim, it will be introduced in the game such token, for events. We can expect it even this year.

Add the elemental token for summoning heroes.

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