Elemental defense buff/debuff

A couple of questions about elemental buff/debuff. I have Guardian Panther (who is bloody great). Her special gives -54% defense against dark.

  1. Does this only work on tile attacks or does it include specials too? I.e. if i fire her special and manage to build it back up before its effects wane, will the next attack on the same enemies do more damage?

  2. If Panther is in my raid defense team, does the defense debuff work on her normal attacks against the person raiding me?

Same goes for the buff version - I have perseus who gives +94 defense against green. does this work against enemies in raids or titans as well, or only when the enemy is using tiles?

Hope this is clear!

I can only speak for Jackal (which is probably an adequate comparison), but it also works for specials. If I fire Jackal 1 it may do 750 damage on a titan and if I fire Jackal 2 it does over 1000.

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Can anyone please answer the second question?

I want to know, too.

Unless there are element defense modifiers specials deals damage with a reduction from defense (but unlike tiles they don’t get affected by weak/strong color), once a elemental defense modifier is applied (like Kashhrek’s buff vs fire or G. Panther’s debuff vs dark) even specials are affected by it.

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Thanks for your reply, I already understood that. But for example:

When an opponent is playing against my AI-controlled defense team, the elemental defense debuff from my G. Panther is benefiting her further special attacks as well as her standard attacks (being controlled by AI - that means with no tiles involved)?

Is this statement correct?

Yes, their regular attack are equivalent to our tiles :ok_hand:

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