Elemental! Conflict on Passepartout's Special

up to this point all the tile count based specials were always dependent to the same element of tiles as the hero itself.

but it’s not same with Passepartout’s special.

the hero’s element is Ice (blue) and his special’s power counts the nature (green) tiles.

I think when this hero first designed he was a nature hero, and special weren’t altered when the change made

Maybe indeed you are right.
I would like to state though that the new rule is offensively stronger. You can match Blue tiles and keep the Green tiles without conflicting with his ability. It might be an intentional decision.

yea I also thought about the possibility that this is intended.

maybe he was a counter to the famous, green tile based hitter-debuffer, Frigg.

He is simply designed to be a defense hero. Though his stats on not on his favor, he is expected to be on def and if ppl bring greens on offense, he can do some serious heal.

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This is how he was in beta
I don’t see why he has to follow the same formula of previous heroes.

New mechanics do not equal bugs.

Many will welcome this change as they didn’t use blue tiles to charge him in the first place.


There was a hero in Atlantis like this. Can’t remember the name.

nope, i don’t think he was meant to be nature. i think the non-linked element makes him a super powerful healer, especially on offense as others on offense that are tied to their color i.e. aegir, frigg, odin, aren’t the best because you are matching the tiles to charge, but when they finally are charged there may not be many tiles left on the board. with passepartout you don’t have to worry about that. He will be amazing in a 3/2 set up, as long as one of the colors isn’t green

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Have no woeries…even at this level he’s a problem for other teams I raid against. The AI usually takes him out first because he so weak right now…but even at this level…once he goes off…there is no losing on offense. I was lucky enough to pull him on one 10× pull and I’m not disappointed. Believe or not those green tiles are all over the place once he charges…:sunglasses::+1:

false alarm :sweat_smile: it seems that it is working as intended. my bad. thx for the comments.

and i like him the way he is, I might ascend him in the future.

ps, dear mods, if you want you can close the thread.

I would 100% ascend him. I just got krampus & costume and it’d be tough choice, oh wait, no it wouldn’t cuz I have 13 scopes. I need a better healer than aegir cuz as mentioned, he’s not great on offense

Was raised in Beta Feedback; Staff statement on the matter.


apparently I missed it :sweat_smile: thx

Yeah seems like he is designed as a support hero for fire heroes

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