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How Often Do Elemental chests appear?

Random whenever a new chest spawns, whether its Titan, Enemies or Raid.

I find ~ 1 every 3-4 weeks.

Some people try farming them, by when they have 6hrs to spawn, they pay the 6gems to make it spawn now. Double the odds sort of thing instead of waiting the 12.

^^ would be keen to hear other farming methods, haven’t seen much on the forums but @Anchor had a stream today (my time) where he glossed over an effective way.

Hi! Imo: 1/7day is a good average! Look around here, others shared their experience! Someone play with gems, and fast forward the wanted chest, i think they have chest a bit more often! If you f2p be patience, one colorchest per 2 weeks is kind of sure ! (But everything is random here ! I only had green chest so far ^^ ) peace ! :slight_smile:

While I don’t know if anyone has done enough data collecting to do a full statistic analysis, the anecdotal reports suggest an average rate in the region of 1 elemental chest in 30. That’s about a week of chest opening for me.
Of course with this game and the RNG, that means people have occasionally reported filling one and immediately getting another one, and at the other end of the scale some have reported going months between getting them.

Thanks I’ve been using gems to speed up the chest process trying to speed up my odds.

There’s a lot of threads on this already. Don’t sweat the details. They come based on chest filling. They can come back to back, they can come after months, they can come on any chest (including titan). I find 25-45 or so is where they pop for me.

Every 30 chests you get a super antidote, 30 gems a scabbard ans a battle manual.

Thanks folks I appreciate the input.

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