Elemental chests to be every week

Please can you make elemental chest to come every week ?

They should spawn after a exact number of chest opened, I think 25 could be a suitable number.

They should also put rare quest weekly.

Maybe instead of every week it appears during rare quests color matched

Nice idea but as someone who grinds like crazy, it’s one of those things I feel like I earned it more than some one who logs in once a day


Not to be too dowm on an essentially good idea…but you seriously want the underwhelming loot of the elemental chest more often, the opportunity to be disappointed with the absence of 4* mats, and all without filling the required amount of regular chests to gain it?

Glutton and punishment are two words that spring to mind.

On average it is 32, not far from your wish. Stats support this.

I did this calculation.

5 titans weekly (2 running)
from 12- to 14 monster chest weekly
From 8 to 14 hero chest weekly.

Well you should be getting an elemental chest in your hero and monster slot every 2.5 weeks +/-. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made those numbers to get something close to the 7 days that the OP suggest with some bonus to those more active players. That aren´t my stats.

I had an streak from 3 weekly after I came back to play. Last one took 12 days to spawn. I´m wating 8 days since last one. I admit that I´ve been less active since my VIP expired 3 days ago.

It’s fairly common to only be 5 days if you skip all your chest wait times.

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