Elemental chests should only give unfarmable ascension materials / Guarantee 1x 4* Epic Mat

Maybe this suggestion is out there somewhere already, but after opening my second consecutive elemental chest where the ascension materials given were some combination of chainmail armor, tall boots, and scabbards - alongside three silver tokens, naturally - I’ve decided to start this thread. I get that RNG is a huge part of this game, but if elemental chests are supposed to be something special, then why is this junk included? Does anybody really need more of this crap? Are we expected to feed them (along with some gems) into the abomination that is the Alchemy Lab in order to get something truly useful?

Another thread, that I can’t presently locate, proposed changing it so that unfarmable four-star materials would be re-designated as five-star materials (with the same odds of appearing in various places that they have now), three-star unfarmables would be redesignated as four-star (again, retaining their present appearance rates), and the three-star designation would only be retained by this garbage that nobody wants. It makes sense that five-star mats would be required to ascend five-star heroes, four-star mats for four-star heroes, etc.

Whatever you call it, scabbards, tall boots, and chainmail armor do not belong in elemental chests.

It’s definitely a popular idea that’s out there already but difficult to search.

This one is pretty similar


Thanks for pointing out this similar proposal. That’s not even the one I recall, which was just a small part of some very long thread or other. @zephyr1, I don’t mind this being merged somewhere else where the idea is being discussed more thoroughly. It kind of feels like spitting in the wind, but pretending that all three-star materials (as currently designated) are created equal seems deliberately disingenuous.


Je suis totalement d’accord. C’est un coffre spécial, ça dit bien ce que ça dit… Et les jetons gris on en a de partout. Ça fait des mois que je n’ai plus eu un coffre potable. C’était la bonne époque quand tu ou rais ton coffre spécial et que tu savais que t’aurais 3 jetons épiques directement. Ça c’était motivant à vouloir finir le coffre. Maintenznt vu les récompenses tut e dis qu’on se fiche de ta tête.

Translation from Google: “I totally agree. It’s a special chest, it says what it says … And the gray tokens we have everywhere. It’s been months since I have had a safe. It was the right time when you or your special chest and you knew you would have 3 epic tokens directly. It was motivating to want to finish the chest. Maintain the rewards and say we do not care about your head.”


I am thinking of forgetting about them, and focus on completing season 2 hard. I am still in the first 4/5 months of playing, but when I rush to spend WE to fill the chests, being them regular or color to only have sh** come through, it’s disappointing. The same with other loot recently, I finished A+ in the last titans my alliance fought and only got sh** again, not even tall boots!

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Well, as F2P, I’m not going to give away many chances to get loot if I can help it, so I’ll continue to do them. I’ve even spent WE flasks to get them done faster (like before going to bed or something). But they are so rare, that it is disappointing to finish filling one and find the same garbage you could get by farming the map - stuff that I will never need for anything.

Focusing on season 2 is a good idea, though. I got my very best heroes from Atlantis summons, including the Big Dog Daddy Poseidon.


I opened a dark chest today and got tall boots and battle manual. I was very frustrated with this, because these items are easily obtainable in season 1 and 2. I would like to leave it as a suggestion for SG to remove these items from the possibilities of getting chests.
P.S. I know I will not be attacked but just wanted to record my indignation anyway :slight_smile:


Probably not a #bugs-issues … More likely better suited to the #ideas-feature-requests

In saying that, I believe it’s equal chance of getting a farmable vs. non-faemable material… Probably less tbh…

I THINK that the chest rewards treats it as:
2x ascention material rolls (Xx% chance at 4*, Yy% chance of 3*)

Let’s assume it’s 10% chance for 4* and 90% chance for 3*. As there are 7 non-farmable materials and 4 farmable 3* mats you have a 4/11 chance of getting a farmable one. Under the above assumption your odds are:

  • 32.73% chance of a farmable material (boots, manual, scabbard or chainmail)
  • 57.27% chance of a non-farmable 3* material (gloves, compass, orb, trap tools, hidden Blade, shield or cape)
  • 10% chance of a 4* material (tome, D-blade, tabard, scope, darts, rings or tonic)
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Note that this is how the raid tournament and titan loot seem to also treats ascention material rolls

Merged to a similar thread in #ideas-feature-requests. Thanks :slight_smile:

at least, they should get rid of the regular summon tokens as well as some of the trash items you get early province 12… seriously… elemtar chest is always a pain in the a**… so happy to unlock it and doing… get 95% trash… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got f all from my last element chest! Nothing was of vaule that I could of got from farming normally or doing a gem quest!

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Anyone else feel like Reek when looting?

These days I’d love a 4* item, but am happy with the food and that the large bone came with oil

As the title states. Its maddening to get repetitive elemental chests with tall boots , scabbards,and battle manuals. These things are too rare to be given items you get from normal farming.

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All it’s about, giving farmable mats makes you more likely to buy the needed ones.

True I dont need warm capes h.blades orbs etc. But I would be more accepting of it.

I’m not sure if this has been recommended, but given the limited frequency of finally obtaining an elemental chest, I think there should be a guaranteed epic ascension item included in all elemental chests that is randomized.

Alot of players work so hard farming and skipping monster and raid chests (with gems) in hopes of obtaining an elemental chest, only to complete the chest an only obtain some absolutely useless materials that are similar to completing regular monster or raid chests.

There should be a guaranteed Epic ascension item that is randomized and rewarding players for their efforts in completing these elemental chests. The loot from elemental chests has gone downhill since 3 years ago and the least SG can provide is this epic ascension item, since some players can go a month without an elemental chest. What do you guys think? I honestly am shocked at how over nerfed the loot has gotten and SG has to fix these elemental chests and make them great again.

Please consider this change SG, the community will greatly appreciate this guaranteed item as epic ascension items can be scarce at times and given the fact that only ONE hero needs 6 epic ascension items would mean maxing 5 star heroes would could take years and players would love the joy of having these heroes maxed out to truly compete at the highest level.

Warm regards,


Here is a similar thread but I didn’t see anyone go to this extreme. Below I think may be more realistic.

I understand the realistic perspective of SG, but I think the community would benefit off of obtaining a random guaranteed Epic ascension item. Some players have heroes that would take years to ascend to due to the scarcity of Epic ascension materials. I do realize throughout the year we are given rare quests, but after about a year, one may be lucky to max out more than one 5 star hero in a year just off of the rare quests and challenge events. Giving a guaranteed epic ascension item from elemental chests should be implemented given the frequency of actually obtaining an elemental chest. I would like to enjoy the game within a year and not 10. Just my thoughts and considerations, since I have about 12 5 star heroes sitting at 3-70 and about 5 more about to join that team on the bench waiting.

This is appalling. Horrible. Can’t get worse. You need to give something in these chests. Remove the farmable materials from the chests

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