Elemental chests percentage

This is probably in another chat but anything on how often elemental chests arrive ?

Once every 40-60 chests

That’s not true. A man in our alliance had two back to back.

That happens rarely

I’ve stated what is the average

This is how statistics work: average doesn’t mean that in every particular case you have the same intervals. It just means that on a big data sets it should give mentioned results. It is like with a flipping coin: average probability is 50/50 But you can give it 10 tries with a result of one side.

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Does anyone know how large a data set we’re working with here?

Google play says about 10 millions downloads. If we can have a data on a single person for, say, half a year, it would be sufficient for analyses.

I’ve kept track of almost 1000 chests. Get an elemental about 1 out of every 30.


Yeah 30 is the usual average that gets thrown around, I’d day Denys is a little bit over with his assumption.

I tend to get roughly one elemental chest per week or so. With about 1 titan chest a week, 14 hero chests, and approximately 9-12 hero chests depending on my raiding success, an average in the region of 1 elemental chest per 30 chests seems likely to be close from my experience.

One per week only ? I get at least 4 or 5.

Can I borrow some of your luck please? :slight_smile:

I think elemental chest should be fixed. It shouldn’t be that one’s account gets preference over another. This simply mean (e.g.) if i get 3 - 4 element chest for 30 days, my progression will some what surpasses yours if you only get 1 chest per 30 days. Just my opinion!

4 or 5 elemental chests per week?

You’re on crack

I’d like to see proof of this.

I’ve been tracking for 6 months and I would say if I am lucky it’s in the 20’s, unlucky it’s in the 40’s, average somewhere in the 30’s.

I would love to get 1 elemental chest per week! (in my dreams!) I skip like mad and I am lucky if it is 1 every 2 weeks!

This guy is just trolling around the Forum.

I sensed that when I saw in other threads about feeding 4 ares to another ares and then no level up :slight_smile: