Elemental chests are worse now?

Monster chests don’t take as long as raid chests, but flasks can help with both

8-7 gives roughly 13 monsters for three energy. 8 runs is 24 energy. so four hours worth of flags without flasking if you started from 0 flags.

Could do it faster on 7-4 as well if that were your only goal.

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Sometimes raid chests, but mostly monster chests. You can skip one every 8 hours. It also seems to have some kind of invisible charges, because if you don’t skip one in a longer time, you can skip 2 or 3 of them in a row.

So I do maybe 3-5 monster chests a day. It really is good value for gems as it isn’t very expensive. And at level 46 I have 39 world energy, that makes 13 runs on 9-1 or lower so can easily do 1,5 chests in the morning and if I use a flask or buy energy, it is 39 energy I get. Sometimes using that is needed to complete all the chests with skipping.

I definitely feel like the rare wanted chests are giving worse rewards now; that’s been the experience for me and my alliance mates. Of course, we don’t have any hard evidence, but I don’t get as excited about them as I used to.

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My last Chest had a Damascus Blade, Warm Cape, Flask, (plus usual rubbish), and 50 gems. Naturally I don’t skip (thus getting fewer chests over time), but it still made me happy! :grin:

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sure why wont you be happy with Damascus Blade and Warm Cape, wait when you’ll get 3 chests with daily tokens and no ascension items 3-4 times in a row

D-9, I don’t ever recall getting such miserable results. For me the misery comes in NOT getting a chest for 6-8 weeks, while others burble happily of getting 1 chest a week. :wink:

I skip alot and i have about ~2-3 chests in a month … but the more i skip the worse the reward in 1.9… The questions are: what hidden changes was made to the rare chests in 1.9 and is it worth it to spend gems on acceleration of the chests now?

Hmm, based on what you say, I would not want to skip…but based on what I experience, I don’t want to wait 2 months for a chest! :grin:

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