Elemental chest stages

Lots of talk on the forums about how hard it is to get ascension items .
So why not rebrand the elemental chests as ‘rare’. I get one of these about every 10 days
So rebrand elemental chests as ‘rare’’ chests…then for every 5 ‘rare’ chests filled, the next chest is a ‘epic’ chest with even more ascension materials in then. Once 5 ‘epic’ chests are cleared… the next chest is ‘legendary’ and will contain a 5 star hero and the ascension materials to get that hero to level 4. You would still have to farm the feeder heroes and hams…but the ascension materials would be in the legendary chest with the legendary hero.
Thats not a huge give away considering how long it would take to hit the ‘legendary’ chest…

Does that sound interesting???

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