Elemental Chest Spawn Tracking

This may be a thread already but I’m curious if anyone else is tracking the spawn rate of elemental chests and if they’re as consistent as mine:

May 29th nature chest
June 10th dark chest
June 15th holy chest
June 30th holy chest
July 8th dark chest
July 23rd nature chest
July 27th Holy chest
August 12th Ice Chest
August 17th Dark Chest

@mrock42 has some posts relevant to this discussion. Are you skipping some of the wait times between chests? I think the time between rare chests is dependent upon how many regular chests you can complete in a given amount of time.

I skip wait times as much as possible

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I did it for a bunch of colored chests and they seemed to spawn on average about once every 30-40 regular chests (monster, raid, titan). I had to wait as a few as 18 chests or as long as 58, so there’s a lot of variance.
Whether skipping waiting times does affect these numbers and how is still matter of discussion I think.

I seem to have a pretty consistent pattern so far i think. Have even predicted my next one before and been right just based on number of days apart i get them, haven’t counted the amount of chests

I’ve been doing it 8 months. It’s random but generally every 7-10 days I get one, sometimes as quick as 3 days others as long as two weeks. I can assure you, there is no pattern.

Mine as of May


Mine are also pretty consistent about every 7-10 days. I usually do 2 monster chests and 2 raid chests a day. Titan chest every 5-7 days.

@ThatGuy I have the same drop rate this month as you.
Aug 12- Dark
Aug-17 -Dark

I usually get 2-3 a month, but never have I received an elemental chest 5 days apart before. I thought maybe perhaps I received the one I got today because the first chest was utter crap. And today’s was fantastic with a Tonic and shield.

As a side note, quite a few people in my Alliance received Elemental Chests today…I think 5 or 6 of us. Again, something I have never seen before.

But I’m not complaining, thank you and keep them coming SG!

Awesome, i will continue to track mine and update them here. Guess starting after next elemental chest I’ll start counting chests as well. Next elemental chest will probably be september 1st if i had to guess

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