Elemental chest questions

Alright, I want to start off by saying that I have looked for an answer to this and spoken with BMG a couple times to ask how the elemental chests come around and have yet to find an answer (or the question).

So, My question is: How do you get a elemental chest to show up and has anyone discovered a better mechanic to getting them to show up more often?

I’ve attempted multiple ways to do it from completing each chest as they come about to running through completing all of the challenges and the quests as they come up. Its now been 4 months since I’ve seen an elemental chest. HOWEVER… some of my team mates are getting 2 or 3 a month. Just curious if there is a hidden mechanic that Im just not seeing.


I wanna know the same. My pal here at work gets them almost regularly. I play as much as he and I havent gotten one in months

It’s just RNG. If it really has been months I would submit a ticket. That ain’t right. I get them every 7-10 days.

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You sure you’re talking about elemental chest ?
cause regularly every 7:10 days seem so unfair to me.
cause I may have 1:2 month/s between each ele chest !

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I get them approx every 2 weeks. I complete chests straight away and when I have the chance I skip time by using gems.

I’ll start monitoring my times.

Try to count the chests you complete (monsters, heroes, titans) not the time. I’ve heard that every 100 monsters chest, every 50 héroes chest and every 5 titans chest complete you get an elemental chest.( Sorry my english)

Yes, I am 100% sure because I track them. Shortest duration is 15 chest openings, longest is 54. I figure I do 3.5 chests per day (2 monster, 1.5 raid). So simple math says two weeks is my LONGEST wait. My 2 15’s were back to back so two in a week basically. My average is about 25-35 though, again, so every 7-10 days.

My personal thought is that while they seem to be random, but I think there is still some sort of calculating factor (such as how many chests, regardless of type, gets filled after the previous one collected) into how quickly they can show up.

My play style is:

  • Clear Normal Monster Chests 1 to 2 times daily.
  • Fight and Fill the Titan Chests Daily (there will be days when this would take longer since my alliance cannot finish off Titans above our current alliance’s capabilities)
  • I don’t Raid nor do I revenge, so the Raid Chest sits there unfilled for a very long time. Only filled when I am about to advance on a world map province and the game forces me to raid.

As a side note, they can appear to take the place of any of the chests, it seems. I’ve just had a Holy Chest the other day took the spot normally occupied by the Titan Chest (I have just finished collecting the Titan Chest that day). So just for a short while, I had a Holy Chest (150) and a normal Monster Chest (100) to fill at the same time. Which is not a big deal because monsters you defeat fills both chests, and chances are, you’d be done with Elemental chest before you have to add 1 to the Titan chest.

My last appearance vs. the one I just had seem to be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, sometimes a little longer. Which, if the number of chests collected is a qualification factor, I guess mine is largely hampered by my non-raiding play style.

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It appears to be fixed (~1/30 is what I usually hear) odds that you will get an elemental chest replacing your monster, hero, or titan chest. Perhaps not the same odds on all three chest types, though?

The only thing you can control is how many chests you fill, and how quickly. More chests = more chances at elemental chests = (in the long run) more elemental chests.

I try to fill one raid chest and three monster chests per day, using gem skips for the monster chests. (That seems to be riding near the limit of how many skips the game allows.)

I’ve not bothered to count/log chests. I’m going to fill them the same regardless…and if something changes in how they behave, I’m sure I’ll hear from the people who are counting!

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I do not remember my last elemental bau. and I do not play so little because I’m already level 39, I do a lot of baus, whether it’s thrust, titans or monsters. I do not understand how they select these baus

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I had a dark chest on the 24th, and got a holy chest today. I regularly make use of the skip feature.

The RNG was nice to me I guess. Got a sturdy shield and 2 epic troop tokens from it. No 4* troops :frowning:

There really is no ‘fixed’ interval. It’s totally random and I have been tracking for 6 months - it is random for sure. And I got a fire chest last night, as an FYI.

My last 5 were (by number of openings) 22, 15, 15, 28, 37

I do not have a bau elemnetar for a long time, if it’s a mistake or not, I do not know … but I know it’s in elemental baus, titans plots, monster bails etc … nothing comes out that helps my heroes evolve yet today I spent more than 6k of gems and not 1 hero of the month I took

i’ve had 3 so far this month, one on the 2nd, the other on on the 16th after filling 48 normal chests, and the last one on the 22 after filling 21 chests, i usually get 2 per month so this one was a bit better than usual

I see that there are lucky people

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Yup. It is random. I meant to say fixed odds, not fixed interval.

If the odds are 1/30, you would expect to get one every 30 chests, on average…but having it be exactly that is also extremely unlikely! BTW, I pulled that number out of the back of my head from reading a few forum posts about these chests; With a big data sample (maybe a year’s worth for 1 person, or better yet data from a mess of people for a few months), the actual odds could be established.

I haven’t gotten one in about a week; I’m probably due sometime soonish. At the whimsy of the RNG gods, of course!

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i just keep filling chest as fast as i can from what i read here you should have a chest once every 20-50 normal chest you fill, so far i never got over 48 without an elemental chest appearing

I skipp with gems all the time and never had 1 element chest per month.
Always had to wait for 2 months ! even with 3 chests opening per day, 2 monsters 1 raid !!
No **** clue
PS: I put the stars not the filter.
PS2: I am so angry :triumph: but respectful as rules commands. :stuck_out_tongue:

I strongly suggest you to track the dates.

hi gamg been playing this game for over a year now, have spent over 300 gems trying to get a elemental chest. does anyone have this same issue

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