Elemental Chest prize level

Is it me or this elementak chests are getting worse and worse ?
Last 5 chests
Dark : chainmail, battle manual, 30 gems, 3x summon token, 10 emblems, 3x summon token,We flask
Ice : battle manual , trap tools, 30 gems, 2x summon token, epic hero token (3*), 10 emblems WE flask
Nature( this one was nice) : telescope,gloves, 30 gems, 10 emblems, titan flask
Dark : gloves,scabbard, 30 gems , 3x summon token, 10 emblems WE flask
Dark : orb, tall boots , 30 gems , 3 x summon token , 10 emblems, We Flask

So 5 chests ,4 non farmable 3* .one non farmable 4*, one gold token , 50 emblems , 4 WE flasks, 1 Titan meeeh


In last elemental chest I got 2x tome of tactics


I feel the same. Most times i feel lucky if i get one 3* non-farmable am.

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it may all just be confirmation bias, but I have gotten 1 unfarmable in the last 4 chests.

Looks like average chests to me. Below average on the summoning tokens and above average on the ascension mats.

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No it’s not just you, the elemental chests have been nerfed to uselessness. it is no longer a sauce of excitement. 3 basic tokens is considered as good elemental loot now.

This thread track elemental chest results:

It’s hit and miss for me, but I feel if all they did was guarantee that 1 of the 3 summon token was epic hero or troop, that would make everyone happy. Getting 3 basic summons on my last 8 chests is getting old.

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