Elemental Chest Loot Better Filled From Boss Stages?

Idk how i missed this before but got asked about this particular closed thread:

@Eddard did you ever do anymore data for this?

Or has anyone else since the last post of the thread?

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Like, filling your whole chest with just boss level stages? That’s what i do. I got a fire chest today. Not too bad loot. Gloves and trap tools. 10 Sorcerer emblems, 5 Atlantis coins, 20 gems. 3* green trainer

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I’m sorry to say to you but this is a terrible loot…

As long as i get 1 unfarmable mat, I’m happy

So congrats on ur chest!

Some brave soul can try filling an elemental chest exclusively through raiding and tell us what happens.

Dude, i said not too bad because i got unfarmables. I only get about 1 chest every month. So, this is alright.
My last one had only farmables and silver tokens.
I have about 20 heroes in queue to get gloves. (Now i have like 12) so gloves are welcome right now!

I’m not gonna moan and groan because i didn’t get 4* ascension materials. That’s for other posters to do.
Try not to be so negative. Ok?

Why you think I’m trying to be negative ?

I just stated a fact, the loot was bad…

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Bad is a subjective opinion

If gryph is happy with it then congrats to her

If you’re not happy with it then be glad you didnt get it

Either way, i don’t see any real reason to continue this discussion


I’m not discussing anything… It’s a Elemental loot and it’s bad by its standards…

Peace out

Lol bad by what standards?

What “elemental loot chest standards” has SG released?

Go ahead and link them when you find them


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As long as I get one unfarmable I’m happy.

I started off following boss only elemental did ~15 that way, didn’t notice a difference when I stopped. (Small sample size)


I think at best maybe a slight correlation was noticed though I haven’t seen any correlation myself.

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My Elemental chest last week had zero unfarmable mats and only basic summon tokens and five emblems. It was basically what I get for raiding diamond.

Next to that, this chest looks fantastic.

Besides, last time I checked my 5* heroes still need 8 of their 3* color mats, plus a pair of gloves, right? I’d be happy w/ that chest, too.


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