Elemental chest (ice) not counting monsters

I just got an ice chest (Finally! Since I’ve been counting – November to June – it’s been about every nine days, and this one was 15!)…

…and just noticed that the counter’s not going up by the number of monsters I’m killing. I was thinking, This is only 10 monsters, like five times in a row? I thought 8-7 was the best level!

So I started counting, and sure enough, it’s showing 10 when it was 11-12, and it’s not happening every time. Sometimes it’s counting them correctly.

Anyone else noticed this? It takes long enough to fill these chests without miscounts!

EDIT: Tonight (the next night) I’m getting credit for extra blue monsters – guess I can’t complain about that!!

The last time someone mentioned something like this, it turned out they were including the yeti bosses in their count of monsters they’d killed — who are green/nature.

Did you have 11-12 monsters killed before the bosses?

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No, I was only counting the blue ones before the bosses.

Oddly, I stopped to do a couple of raids and got two more blues, and then everything was back to normal. :woman_shrugging:

Thanks zephyr!

P.S. Didn’t get any @*&# Fine Gloves, either. :slight_smile:

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8-7 - 4 waves of monsters

Usually 3 - 3 - 4 or another sequence for first 3 waves so on avg would be 10 blue monsters.
2 bosses are green.

Still the best level for blue monsters per flag.

Guess I’ve been lucky all along, then; I usually get 11 and 12. Must be 9 minimum (3,3,3), but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that.

I daydream so much from doing that level hundreds of times that I forget and have to say the numbers out loud. :laughing:

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