Elemental chest harder to open- Only 4 monsters per world energy

When you need 150 elemental monsters and only get 4 to 5 per world energy banner, it will take forever to open it… :frowning:

150 /5 = 30 flags = 5h of flags. I don’t see the problem.

Pick map levels that give all one color monster, and use those to fill the chest. Even with only 26 world energy on my alt, I can fill a chest in less than 12 hours

==Farming areas==
As NPNKY says below, some areas are better than others ( see note at end ).

Double color can also help farming the below areas. I am still working on my basic primer for double colors, but here is an more advanced post ( just skip the math ):

==Easier at higher levels==

I agree.

But we don’t know what team power the OP has or his world energy max.


One you complete a stage, you can use loot tickets to fill your Wanted elemental mission chest without using battle items or 75g to revive.

This is very helpful for me


12-9 for holy gives11-15. I use 10-6, 9-4 & 12-9 to fill Yellow Chest. Alternating equally with each one.


It’s intentionally harder to fill since the rewards are much better. There are much harder things they could have done to gate elemental chests, so I’m glad its just another 50 kills of a single color.

I wish it were always so.

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