Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days

If you skip chests as soon as you can and play very regularly then that frequency is possible


It can happen. Alliance mate complained to me before about getting elemental chests weekly for about 1 month, like you. Each weekly chest gave him 1 tabard.

Like you, he skips chests non-stop until system tells him No.

My most recent run of 3 over approximately 3 weeks in 2022 was 16 Aug (33 chests), 24 Aug (23 chests) and 31 Aug (19 chests).

It is probably a mix of you resetting chests plus RNG blessing you with a lower target (number of chests) to get the elemental chest.

Enjoy the run!


I think I’ve read a research hero on forum that elemental chests come every 15 to 55 chests or something like that. So, after 14 chests, probably the probability rises for each next chest to be elemental chest

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I read the EC thread. Remembered someone saying that the number of regular chests to the next EC is preset once incumbent EC is filled and opened.

The range is 15 to 55. Checked my records (17-8-2020 to current): my highest is 55 crates (3-10-2020). Only once. “Laggard” EC is usually 51-54, more towards 51-52.

Monitoring my average chests still. Average Holding at +/- 35.


03/06/2023 Ice chest
Monster chest.

It went from bad to worst.


That’s one of the reasons why i don’t post result here any more… Same old shxt every chest… I still keep stats in my spread sheet but don’t bother to share nowadays lol

Date elemental chest Costume Key Dune Trainer Flask Emblem1 LootTix Summons E Hero Gems Battle Asc 1 Asc2 extra
3/7 mice 1 5 1 1re 30rogue 3 3 50 1dragattk 1fineglove 1trap
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Yup there as definitely been a decrease in the loot but yesterday I had a green chest in my monster slot. Scope was welcome! and 2 :old_key:


03/10/2023 Nature chest
Monster slot, 4 days apart.

At this point I wish we had an option to opt out of elemental chests since the loot sucks so much… only wasting energy to get them out of my way. :anguished:
It’s been over 6 months since I’ve gotten a 4* mat.


Gosh that is pretty terrible–two in a row without any unfarmable mats. Really sorry!

Seems like all your luck goes to getting them quickly. 4 days is super fast. 7 is the fastest I’ve had.


I get chests like those all the time. Every 5th brings EHT and every 10th 4* ascension math


52 chests to reach this. But I have been lazy with raids since I cleared relevant POV challenges.

Consistent with monster and titan. Just not raid.

Had a weird feeling that I would get a raid EL but held off filling my raid chests for awhile.

Let’s see if I can replicate this in the future. :rofl:


Matchy matchy AM too. :laughing:


Fire chest in raid slot last 18 days ago, not good not terrible


8 days later while doing 4 chests a day. Green one in my monster slot. I like the EHT of course :grimacing:


How many gems to do skip opening chest and get elemental chest weekly or every 8 days ? Thanks

So how to get elemental chest weekly?

5 days later, red chest in my raid slot. Not the worst and not the best loot.

@Frans3000 I always gem skipped when its 1 gem at both chests.


03/23/2023 Ice chest
Raid slot, 13 days apart.

Nothing to brag about… just waste of energy that could have been used for the challenge event. :pensive:

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Holy chest, approx 1 week since the last one as I’ve been skipping a lot

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Just skip as soon as you can whenever you play during the day or night