Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days


Are you saying that if you get a ice chest it is best to farm stages with ice bosses?


Boss level stages as in the stages with the “extra” icon around them (the crossed swords). I can only emphasize that data suggest conclusively that the chance is increased - only the chance. Personally I am still skeptical but the data is there.


Your little template kinda confuses me right now. :slight_smile:
I opened up the app yesterday at the end of the war to an ice chest

Guess that’s my sign to work on panther some more. I now have 11 trap tools!

What happened to Elemental chest loot?

You had iceM 2×3*am 1xeht 30 gems… Days since last one?

In translation iceM = ice chest Monster, am=asc mat, eht= epic hero token


So on 18nov, after 23 days on 11dec, after 19 days on 31 december.

Guess you arent that lucky… correction: Guess you arent lucky @Starryeyedgryph :stuck_out_tongue: my bad


Never said i was lucky!


@Boolz Rather than just counting days, it would be helpful to also count the number of wanted mission chests completed in between elemental chests. That way we can see if there’s both a time-based component and what the random draw probability is.


thats too much of a workload for the ones that want/will post here.
and i do think its random… just want to see the margins of this randomness…

from 2 chests the same time aka 0 days to - max days?

Date Color Pos 4 :star: 3 :star: EHT ETT :gem: Other
2019-01-01 Holy Raid Tonic Gloves 1 1 20 5 coins, trainer1, WE


I highly doubt this.


Like I said if you scroll up:


Ye I know that you‘re talking about increased odds and are sceptical yourself. I just don‘t believe in such a complex way in programming rewards. Think it would only make sense if it would be communicated and thus encourage players to farm high lvl monsters.


I’m curious: across how many samples? Spurrious correlations can hold up for a while.


People in the beta who’ve had an elemental chest when their data got cloned have reported that the levels they used to fill the same chest made no difference - it was the same loot on both the beta and the regular game even when they filled the chest on different levels.


So loot is rolled, when the chest is created and not when opend/on the rewardscreen?


I’ve answered these questions and debated all of this more times than I can count across this forum, line, discord, game chat, whatsapp, and telephone call. Look up the forum post and read through all of the comments if you are that curious. @Sealt @Paulon the raid chests are determined at open and there is evidence both ways to support other chests being determined at spawn vs opened. I try not to have a bias and just report the data. Too many people have argued with me about what is “right” not realizing I am collecting and reporting data; not what I want to believe.


Over 500 (maybe north of 575 at this point) and the data supports the theory. The chests have been filled all types of ways with a few psychopaths even attempting to fill them with raid wins. I am inclined to believe that they have been tinkered with but how and to what extent is not clear.


Interesting. That’s definitely a decent sample. Not impossible that it’s spurrious I guess, but seems fairly unlikely.

Has there been any research on filling chests with low-XP levels vs. high-XP levels? I’m wondering if there’s some sort of “quality of kill” or “difficulty of kill” metric that the elite MOBs are giving a higher score on.


Oh yeah forgot about raid chests indeed.
I dont have data and have no clue myself. I play for 3-4 month now and had like dunno 8 -10 elechests. But what i know is that 3 firechests had the best loot of them all.
And everytime i filled them in 20-4.


I would have to dig up all of my data (which is just not going to happen to answer a forum post) which is spread across multiple devices and written down (we moved back from Europe so things are in storage and we got new devices - military family), but it’s around 100+ filled low xp, high xp, boss, non boss, raid totalling over 500 - I think you get the picture. The data holds true but I am still skeptical. :grin: